Case Study: How Borges reached out to 4Mn+ people through ‘Brew The New’ awareness campaign

Brew The New awareness campaign by Borges

With the ‘Brew The New’ awareness campaign, Borges attempted to drive a fresh narrative around its new product, Stress Relief Olive Leaf Infusion, leveraging influencers across social media channels, and more.

During the second half of 2020, Borges released the ‘Brew The New’ awareness campaign to introduce their new product, Stress Relief Olive Leaf Infusion. In collaboration with Iffort as the agency, the bi-folded objective of the campaign was to have a fresh narrative in the category and holistically engage influencers to create a buzz among the brand’s lovers and acquire new customers.

Brand Introduction

Borges is a brand known for its olive oil and other olive-based products. With a history spanning over 125 years, Borges has a presence in over 105 countries and is a market leader in India in this category. It is often considered a brand that is an expert in manufacturing premium quality olive oil due to its link to the Mediterranean.

Category Introduction

The health benefits of an Olive tree have been reaped in many forms with its consumption in the form of fruit and oil for several years. By brewing it in a cup, Borges aims to bring all the goodness of olive in the form of Borges Stress Relief Olive Leaf Infusion. With zero caffeine and no added flavors, the brand launched the product in classic, lemongrass, basil, and mint variants. It helps in treating stress, acne, and hypertension while aiming to improve heart health.


Drinks such as green tea are widely used, but an Olive Leaf Infusion is neither explored nor used as widely as other health drinks. The whole idea was to weave a new experience for an alternate drink for the consumers in India. To create a buzz around Olive Leaf Infusion, Borges came up with the ‘Brew The New’ awareness campaign that intended to highlight how Borges Olive leaf infusion is something new yet a reliable alternative that people can opt for as it contains 2 times the Antioxidants and 4 times the Vitamin C than green tea.

The brand launched #BrewTheNew during the course of lockdown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The timing of the campaign gave the brand an edge as it promoted the product as an effective remedy to relieve lockdown woes.


The objective of the ‘Brew The New’ campaign was to introduce the audience to the product as well as create buzz & advocacy through Influencer outreach and social media marketing.


The brief was to spread awareness about the product and promote them as an alternative to the most ‘obvious’ health drinks.


‘Brew the New’ awareness campaign for the Stress Relief Olive Leaf Infusion product by Borges was executed in phases – Teaser phase, Launch, and Post-launch phase.

The brand reached out to its customers through both macro and micro-influencers while creating a buzz for the product in the teaser phase. In this phase, the influencers asked their followers to guess ‘Whats in the mug’ to create conversations and generate curiosity.

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In the post-launch phase, 5 macro-influencers posted a video around the benefits of the product and 10 micro-influencers posted a static photoshoot image of the product while explaining its benefits in their captions. The influencers also redirected the audience to the Amazon link of the product.

Further, the brand also created social media posts that highlighted the product and its features in a creative way.

As a part of the ‘Brew The New’ awareness campaign, Borges also collaborated with WOOP. This helped in promoting the product and also contributed to the community of girls who need proper education.

Women from different age groups were invited via Ads and referrals from the existing WOOP community and were encouraged to participate in fun gamified tasks called missions where they had to complete particular steps to reach the final stage.

In the end, these women were encouraged to try the product, educate other women about it, and spread awareness about its many benefits by sharing photos and videos. They were also rewarded with Amazon vouchers and hampers.

Through this engagement, women shared their experiences of using the product to their peers by posting reviews on their social media handles, thus, generating awareness and conversations around the product.


YouTube views: 91.8k


  • Impressions – 4,989,651
  • Reach – 4,424,498
  • Engagement – 65,307


  • Reach – 33,994
  • Impressions – 71,735
  • Engagement – 81,211

The brand collaboration with WOOP led to more than 36,800 total reach and more than 590 peer conversations. Around 4,300 mothers got educated through the campaign, while the audiences, on average, spent around 10.32 minutes on the campaign.


  • Influencer activity not just created awareness about the product but also helped the brand to understand the consumers’ mindset and interests.
  • The audience well appreciated and showed interest in the new type of healthy beverage in the market and its benefits, especially the zero caffeine and stress relief factor of the product.
  • The positive reviews from the audience have helped the brand in the long run in terms of SEO and discoverability of the product.