Case Study: How Croma’s sales-day social media campaign garnered 1.5k user entries

Croma social media campaign

To ring in the New Year, Croma launched the #WhatsYourExcuse social media campaign supported by influencer engagement to drive website sales.

Croma rolled out the Brighter Beginnings 2021 Sale with a social media campaign titled #WhatsYourExcuse urging users to share their wackiest reasons and excuses to buy from the Sale. The case study delves deeper into the campaign execution and the end results.

Brand Introduction

Launched in 2006, Croma was the first one-of-its-kind large format specialist retail store that catered to all multi-brand digital gadgets and home electronic needs in India.

With over 6000 products across 200 brands and 150+ stores across 40+ major cities of India, Croma ensures that for each customer, a Brighter Tomorrow begins Today! 


Sometimes we don’t need a strong reason to buy something new, sometimes it’s just an indulgence, even an excuse to buy a new electronic.

To establish Croma as the one-stop destination for anything that people needed to make 2021 a better year for themselves, the brand launched the ‘Brighter Beginnings 2021 Sale’ and called upon people to share #WhatsYourExcuse to shop from the sale.

Problem Statement

The year 2020 was faced with many unprecedented challenges and obstacles due to COVID-19. Croma wanted to make sure that people kick-started their New Year in style, leaving their problems of 2020 behind, while assuring that Croma is there to make every day brighter


Driving traffic to the Croma website for the New Year sale.


Promoting Croma’s New Year sale in a cluttered sale period and without actually terming it as a “Clearance Sale”.

Campaign Idea

Croma launched the Brighter Beginnings 2021 Sale with a social media campaign called #WhatsYourExcuse asking people to share their wackiest reasons and excuses to buy from the Sale. Your reason to buy wasn’t good enough unless it was absolutely absurd and unheard of. The best excuses won some exciting prizes.

Content creators used Instagram Reels to fuel the campaign further and encourage participation from consumers.

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A quirky video announced the campaign and encouraged people to give their excuses in the comments –

Subsequently, we selected the best comments and featured those on our page by tagging those people.

With User Generated Content at the forefront serving as inspiration for others, the best excuses also stood a chance to win prizes and feature on Croma’s page.

The campaign got elevated with some of the quirkiest content creators creating Instagram Reels and giving their own absurd excuses to buy from this sale, fuelling the humour quotient of the campaign. This increased awareness for the sale and participation from consumers.


  • The campaign generated a total of 503,574 impressions and garnered over 1,500 entries from people.
  • The content creators helped amplify the campaign well and alone garnered a total of more than 12.30 Lac views

CMO Quotes

Ritesh Ghosal, CMO, Croma said, “Brighter Beginnings 2021 Sale was the right
occasion to engage and have fun with people virtually considering how daunting 2020 has
been for all. So with the #WhatsYourExcuse campaign, we not only offered them a platform
to unleash their creativity but also generated relatability around shopping without a reason,
or sometimes with the wackiest ones. The campaign got people talking about the brand and
the Brighter Beginnings 2021 Sale garnered visibility during the peak time of the end-of-
season sales.”

Heeru Dingra, CEO of, WATConsult said, “I guess we all can agree that the reason for
shopping isn’t always a necessity; it could be an indulgence, temptation, or simply because the
deal is irresistible. With the #WhatsYourExcuse campaign, we leveraged this highly relatable
insight and amplified it. Given that the occasion was New Years’ and one of the most
awaited ones due to the 2020 pandemic, we thought that a light-hearted, humorous
engagement would lift up everyone’s spirits. The involvement of the influencers and the
hilarity of the responses we received surely did get the campaign the success it deserved.”