Earth Day brand posts signal environmental protection

Earth Day brand posts

The only habitable planet in the explored universe is not in the best shape right now and requires severe effort to be restored, and the Earth Day brand posts line-up to express support for this initiative.

Climate emergency is one of the many issues that the world is facing right now. While it may not be at the top of the priority list right now, it is a grave issue that can potentially or rather eventually leads to human extinction, and shifting the focus on this issue are Earth Day brand posts.

Several brand posts have integrated a group of creatives under one thematic campaign. Yulu depicts birthdays of the future, in the light of current plastic consumption and deforestation habits. Animal Planet India rolls out a series of creatives drawing parallels between pet and wild animals.

Warner Music India launches a soundtrack relevant to the current scenario on Earth. MX Player uses stills from their content library to post a satirical take on human habits.

More brands signal environmental protection.

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Garmin India

Warner Music India

Tata Trusts


State Bank of India

Kotak Life Insurance

MX Player

Animal Planet India

Bombay Shaving Company

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