Facebook launches features to enable action against climate change this Earth Day

Facebook Earth Day

Facebook partners with leading climate organizations to build awareness about climate change this Earth Day.

This earth day, Facebook has launched resources and features for users to get informed and take action on climate change. This also marks Facebook’s milestone as all of its global operations are now supported by 100% renewable energy. 

To understand people’s perspectives towards climate change, Facebook ran a survey in over 30 countries and territories in partnership with the Yale Program on climate change communication. After the conduction of the survey, Facebook found out that more than three-quarters of people believe that climate change is happening in each of the countries. Still, fewer of them actually understand that it is caused mostly by human activities. The survey’s outcome was that more than 6 in 10 respondents in all countries say they want more information about climate change.

Therefore, to connect people with credible and creative content that can help them learn more about climate change, Facebook is partnering with leading climate organizations and voices to build awareness about climate change this Earth day. 

Here are some examples of the content that Facebook will be promoting on its platforms over the next week.

  • Earth Day Livestream: Facebook is partnering with EARTHDAY.ORG to bring in their virtual event to Facebook’s Climate Science Information Center starting at 12:00 PM ET on April 22. The event will include world leaders, public figures, grassroots activists, musicians and more talking about climate action and ways we can all get involved. 
  • Earth Day programming on Oculus: Facebook will bring in immersive documentaries that bring the necessities of conservation to life in a new way, while social streaming in Venues lets you share the experience with friends. 
  • Earth Day on Instagram: Facebook’s @Instagram, @Creators, @InstagramforBusiness, and @Shop accounts will highlight relevant creators, small businesses, and educational resources throughout the week. 

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Facebook also shares how people can take small actions in order to address the issue of climate change. Below are some of the ways suggested by Facebook that make it easier for people to take action. 

  • Sign up to volunteer: Facebook is launching volunteer sign-ups to make it easier for the organizations to find volunteers and for people to sign up for these opportunities on Facebook easily. It suggests that people can take up opportunities like planting trees in a park or picking up trash off a beach, or start drives to collect and donate essential items. 
  • Raise funds for a cause you care about: Facebook even suggests people create a fundraiser program for their favorite environmental organization and donate 100% of the collected amount to the organization.  
  • Shop eco-friendly: Facebook suggests that one can shop eco-friendly to support the environment. April 17-25, environmental organizations including Jaden Smith and Drew Fitzgerald’s 501CTHREE, Coldplay x One Tree Planted Merch, Mark Ruffalo’s The Solutions Project, and Adrian Grenier’s Lonely Whale are launching Shops just in time for Earth Day so people can shop eco-friendly products to support these organizations. One can also buy and sell pre-loved items on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Visit National Parks virtually: Facebook announced that Messenger and Portal are working together with National Geographic on new 360 backgrounds in honor of National Parks Week and Earth Day. It suggests that if you can’t visit these national parks this year, one can certainly experience its beauty by taking a virtual trip to the National park while one is on video calls in the Messenger app or on Portal. Facebook also announces rolling out of additional Earth Day features on Messenger, including new 360 backgrounds, chat themes, and stickers designed and illustrated by Lucas Wakamatsu.
  • Share your support to protect the planet on WhatsApp: On Earth Day, Facebook is introducing a new “Stand up for Earth” sticker pack on WhatsApp featuring images that highlight some of the environmental challenges we’re facing around the world and encouraging actions like recycling, reducing electricity and saving water. Facebook urges users to use it to share their support to protect the planet on Whatsapp.