Facebook introduces Dynamic Ads for streaming platforms

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads, the new ad solution by Facebook is intended to enable streaming brands to showcase their content library through a carousel highlighting the right titles.

Previously, advertisers would need to promote each title separately, but with Dynamic Ads, users can swipe through a carousel showcasing tiles, curated in accordance with their interests, and interactions on Facebook.

Dynamic Ads has been rolled out globally and is available for all video streaming brands and businesses. The personalized ad will show relevant titles based on what the user has engaged with on Facebook and Instagram, with a call-to-action to sign-up for a trial or subscribe.

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Advertisers can set up a single campaign and add multiple titles, and execute the campaign with an automatically generated ad for each title. The ad solution is available across devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet.

James Smith, Head of Entertainment at Facebook. mentions, “Once an advertiser uploads their content catalog to Facebook, the dynamic ads deliver personalized recommendations, giving people a similar personalized experience they’re used to seeing from their streaming services”.

Streaming services are heavily reliant on a diverse and extensive content catalog to gain new subscribers. A single series or a piece of content is often a reason not good enough for a user to opt for a paid subscription. With Dynamic Ads, showcasing diversity and the scale of the content library would be streamlined for advertisers.