Global Samosa: Awakening of brighter spring days features in the new ad of Pocari Sweat

Pocari Sweat

Pocari Sweat showcases the awakening of Spring that brings longer and brighter days in life in its new ad “But Then I Saw You”.

Japanese ion supply drink, Pocari Sweat has recently launched its “But Then I Saw You” ad that features the brightening that comes with the spring season. The ad is directed by Show Yanagisawa and conceptualized by agency, Dentsu. The ad features a young woman actress named Nakajima Sena.

The production of the ad is done is a single take with each and every frame captured in-camera and a set that is nearly 85 meters long. The ad opens with the scene featuring a dark school corridor and a young woman. Initially, she is walking very slowly away from the camera. A few seconds later, she suddenly turns and starts running in the opposite direction. The ad features her running into the field of lovely spring blossoms and towards the sunshine. Following this, the young woman crosses into an art building to retrieve her friend and together they walk towards the light. The tagline of the ad says, “Turn a headwind into a tailwind.”

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That running of the young woman through a flowering courtyard makes a lovely contrast to the dark hallway. The ad of Pocari Sweat is created in such a way to showcase a metaphor for spring’s arrival and the optimism that comes with the awakening of the spring. This awakening of spring leads to longer and brighter days ahead.