Global Samosa: Jockey launches 'remundies', undies that sends you a monthly reminder about Testicular Cancer

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Jockey Testicular Cancer remundies

Jockey in collaboration with Testicular Cancer New Zealand launches "remundies", a pair of undies that send helpful reminders via text messages about regular checkups for any sign of Testicular Cancer

It is Testicular Cancer awareness month, so, Jockey has announced its association with Testicular Cancer New Zealand to release 'remundies,' a pair of undies that gives life-saving reminders to men to check for signs of Testicular cancer. Jockey has developed this clever pair of underwear that prompts the audience to check his ball once a month by sending helpful and informative reminders via text messages. This helpful process is programmed in a way that the remundies buyers who are registered online will start receiving engaging and helpful messages related to Testicular cancer via text messages.

Jockey has collaborated with Testicular Cancer New Zealand to showcase that not all heroes are big and bulky- sometimes heroes can be just a pair of texting 'undies.' With its association with Testicular Cancer New Zealand, Jockey looks forward to its contribution to a great cause that will not only help in early detection of Testicular cancer but also help men who have Testicular cancer by paying them 10% of the retail price of each pair of remundies.

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The All Blacks and All Blacks Sevens stripped down to their Jockeys as part of their long-term association with Jockey, New Zealand's favorite underwear brand, to promote the life-saving initiative. One can get these pair of life-saving remundies at Farmers. Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting men aged between 18-39 in New Zealand. The jockey had launched the initiative to create a behavioral change that will save lives and help men beat this cancer at its very early stage.

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