Havells Fans ad campaigns that set their way to consumers heart through social advertising

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Havells fans ad campaigns

Havells fans giving out a fresh breeze of creativity in their ad campaigns to the audience through a journey from comedy to social advertising

Havells India Limited, a leading FMCG, entered into the fan segment in 2003 with the introduction of Havells fans. Since then, the brand has left no stone unturned when it comes to communicating its message to the consumer with their numerous ad campaigns. 

From the golden era of Rajesh Khanna being featured in its ad campaigns to child actors making their mark in the new "It's not just a fan, it's a 'Feeling Fan' ad campaign, the brand communication through its consumer-centric advertising had come a long way. 

The brand has totally revolutionized advertising a product like a fan by coming up with campaigns that tapped on the reality of social issues in the country. "Hawa Badlegi" has been an umbrella concept of Havells fans for several years. With this campaign, Havells fans showcased how the brand is aligned with new progressive ways of thinking regarding our society at large. The media objective of the campaign was to create awareness and amplify the concept of #windsofchange. 

Not just this, the brand also made sure to have a humorous approach to its advertising that makes it light-hearted for its audience to watch. ‘Bijli ko Bachao' ad campaign of Havells fans is a classic example of humor in Havells fans' advertising. The amalgamation of humor with the blunt truth of reality made the brand set its image in the consumers' mind as the first-ever fan brand who came up with a campaign that works towards the concept of "Hawa Badlegi" or "the wind of change." 

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The latest ad campaigns of Havells fans came up with a new concept. The "It's not just a fan, it's a 'Feeling Fan' ad campaign showcases the smart features of the fan through a 360° ad campaign that resonates a unique story about product technology to give out the idea to the audience that even a kid can easily operate the fan. The campaign conceptualized by Mullen Lintas Delhi is all set to connect with the audience while also speaking about the product features in a simplified way through a child's narrative. 

Since 2015, Havells fans have taken its communication Pan India through advertising. They now focus on the south markets as well. The latest ad campaign is also available in multiple regional languages to keep up with its communication idea of covering Pan India in a campaign. Havells fans too won Bronze Effie Award for its regional campaign for "Hawa Badlegi" which marks the success of the brand's Pan India communication through its advertising. 

Let's dive right into some of iconic Havells fans ad campaigns.

Fans for your fifth wall

Havells Octet 8-blade Fan ad


Main Pankha Hu


Hawa Badlegi- Registrar's Office


Hawa Badlegi- Registrar's Office

Havells Fans- Hawa Badlegi

Havells Fans Mother Daughter


Havells Fans- Rajesh Khanna


‘Bijli ko bachao’



Havells 'Energy Saving Fans' Ad


The Ultimate Aaram


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