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COVID-19 relief

We may not be able to fix the broken infrastructure, vacate hospital beds, or fill up oxygen cylinders, but we can pitch in for the cause, amplify the relief efforts and connect the needy to a provider. Here is a list of communities, groups, pages, organizations, foundations, and individuals on social media contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts.

People who are looking for COVID-19 relief and ones who want to donate or support the cause, both can engage with these communities and organizations. Availability of help may differ due to the limitations of resources and the inflating demand. Please be patient and civil while inquiring for help, and not give in to the distress. This is our fight against COVID-19, and not against each other.

Disclaimer: Due to the exhaustive influx of online information, we have only been able to verify the details in a standard capacity, and do not take any credit for holding the reliability of this knowledge. It is advisable for all individuals to verify the information before providing, or receiving help. This is only an attempt to contribute to the efforts of several organizations and individuals, who are selflessly pitching in to provide relief.


Location: PAN-India

The non-profit initiative connects patients infected with COVID-19 to plasma donors from across India. Donors and recipients would need to register themesleves on the Dhoondh portal and provide details such as contact details, location, blood group, and more.

The system's algorithm will then match them in real-time. Once a match is created, the donor's details are shared with the patient.

Fridays For Future India

Location: PAN-India

Along with curating and creating a resource hub for all COVID-19 helplines, emergency trackers, medicament distribution lists, and more, the organization is also calling out for resources ad creating awareness about the status of availability through their social media posts.

Furthermore, they are also amplifying guides such as 'Online Censorship Of COVID-19 Relief Work' by the Internet Freedom Foundation, to provide information to the ones involved in the relief efforts through social media.

Hemkunt Foundation

Location: Mumbai & Gurgaon

The nonprofit organization based on the Sikh principle of ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’ (Welfare For All), is running oxygen drives and providing free oxygen cylinders with the help of their volunteers conducting drive-thrus.

You can get the real-time info on updates they share about the distribution of cylinders through their social media handles. The organization is currently expanding its network through Gurdwaras, by operating out of the holy places as their offices.

People looking to support can donate and volunteer to help with their efforts. Along with oxygen cylinders, the organization also shares updates on more resources available for free to COVID-19 patients.

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Phool Versha Foundation

Location: PAN-India

The charitable organization has been fighting hunger across India and donating ration kits to daily wagers, drivers, maids, sex workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, street vendors, artisans, the transgender community, and many more of the underprivileged, who have been directly impacted by the pandemic.

Each kit that costs INR 500 can feed a family of four for ten days. Donation details can be found on the support relief website. The organization also highlights the availability of other resources such as oxygen cylinders through their Instagram Stories.

Faye DSouza

Location: PAN-India

Along with daily news updates, containment measures, and real-time changes in restrictions, the independent journalist also posts information about vaccine availability, hospital beds, and ambulance services, helpline numbers.

She also mentioned that her team will be identifying and verifying relevant information, and amplifying it in collaboration with Alia Bhatt.

COVID Aid Resources India

Location: PAN-India

The Instagram Page managed by student volunteers shares information around ambulance services, plasma donors, hospital beds, home care services, oxygen sources, and more of such relief availability. You can scroll through their Instagram posts to find relevant information. The contact details of providers and suppliers are included in the post.

For particular resources such as plasma donations, users can send an email to, along with contact details, blood group, and location. The availability of donors is also shared through their posts.

Making The Difference

Location: Mumbai

The non-profit organization is offering tiffin services to home-quarantined patients and sharing contact details for plasma donations. In association with Donatekart, they are also delivering oxygen cylinders and beds to hospitals.

If you'd like to support their efforts head to their relief support website and donate, or volunteer for their on-ground activities.

Local Samosa (A Part Of Social Samosa Network)

Location: PAN-India

Find contact details for all COVID-19 resources such as oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, tiffin services, ambulance services, testing stations, online consultations, and more, across their social media presence and the relief support website.

Each post highlights the date & time of verification of the availability of the resources (not the price and nature of the services), along with relevant contact details and the location information.

The list will be continually updated, as and when we find more of such efforts, you can also help us expand this list by sharing similar leads. Write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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