New Facebook feature let the user control what they see and who can comment on their post

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New Facebook features

Facebook introduces a new feature that gives users direct control over what they see in their news feed and who can comment on their Facebook posts.

Facebook never lets its users down with its user-friendly features that keep coming on the platform now and then. Recently, Facebook has introduced a new tool on the platform that offers users direct control over their news feed. The latest feature on the platform also lets the users decide who can comment on each of their public posts. With the new tools in the introduction, let's find out how these tools work and the perks of using them.

Control over who can comment on your Facebook posts that are public

The latest Facebook feature allows the users to have direct control over who can comment on their public posts on Facebook. When a user makes a post public, it allows other users not even on their friend list on Facebook to share their views on the post. This often leads to unwelcomed and unacceptable comments on the posts, making the user uncomfortable. Therefore, Facebook's new tool gives the user direct control over their audience. The feature lets the user decide who can comment on their Facebook post by choosing from a menu of options that range from anyone who can see your post to only people you would like to see your post.

Here is how this feature works:

  • Click on the drop-down menu on the top-right corner
  • Select Settings & Privacy
  • Then, select Settings
  • Click on Public Posts placed on the left
  • Go to the option of “Who Can Follow Me” and make sure to select the 'Public.'
  • Click Edit next to Public post comments.
  • Now, select who you would want to allow to comment on your public posts. You can choose between Public, Friends, and Friends of Friends.

Selecting 'Public' allows everyone to comment on your post. Selecting 'Friends' allow your Facebook friends to comment on your post. Selecting 'Friends of Friends' allows your friends and their friends to comment on your Facebook post. This Facebook feature applies to individual posts only. It doesn't change settings for all your public posts at once.

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Control over your Facebook news feed

The new Facebook feature allows users to sort and browse their news feed according to their preferences. This tool is in addition to the already existing feature of 'Favourites' that lets the users prioritize the posts by selecting up to 30 friends and pages whose posts will appear ranked high in the news feed. In addition to this, Facebook introduces a news Feed Filter Bar that one can access from the top of the news feed. This new menu offers easy navigation between an algorithmically-ranked news feed and a feed sorted chronologically with the newest posts first.

The feature is currently available to only Android users but Facebook has confirmed that the feature will soon be available to all iOS users as well.

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