NiyoX App’s latest campaign highlights the system of neo-banking in the new world

NiyoX App Campaign

In an attempt to bring paperless and effortless mobile banking to life, NiyoX urges people to #DecodeBanking leveraging the app, with an aim to cause financial disruptions in the market through its new campaign.

The economic system has been quite complex throughout the history of mankind. But with the Internet and technological disruptions, the financial system has gone through immense changes over the years. While the Internet brought massive evolution in the system of banking, the digital acceleration in the past few years has given birth to neo-banks across the world, further revolutionizing the system. This gen-next system is a digital banking system that is entirely online and can be availed from the homes of the customers with personalized experiences.

From the barter systems to online banking, leading to mobile banking facilities and neo-banks, the brief history of banking seems to be nothing less than fascinating. But do we know how banking evolved with time to provide banking services to now at the comforts of our homes? The NiyoX banking app answers the question with its #DecodeBanking campaign, showcasing the evolution of banking, to date and how it helps to simplify the banking processes, in a seamless manner, in an attempt to make banking smarter, safer, and simpler for everyone!

Through an animated video, the NiyoX App campaign dives into a series of events to display the brief history of the system of banking. Commencing with the barter system, it was only in the 15th Century, 1397, that the first bank was established in Italy. As the campaign proceeds further, the ad showcases how online banking changed the age-old norms in the system of banking, leading to mobile banking and neo-banks in the world, bringing solutions to financial problems and simplifying some of the complicated procedures, catapulted with it.

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Aiming to make mobile banking safer, simpler, and easier, the NiyoX app combines disruptive technologies on smartphones to help tech-savvy consumers get involved in the system of banking through an array of services. To further transform the system of banking, the NiyoX platform intends to bring facilities such as opening a savings account as well as investing in mutual funds and stocks, at the fingertips of the consumers through a single app.

At a phase, when people are spending more time at home, the brand attempts to go beyond the system of banking, building on trust, safety, and technology to bring various facilities to its users, leveraging digital and mobile-first financial solutions.