Ramadan campaigns that are standing out globally


Brands weaving magic this Ramadan with ad campaigns that are standing out from the crowd. We bring you some of them that are winning hearts.

The holy month of Ramadan is the auspicious time of the year that is known to spread positivity and smiles around the globe. Brands embrace this theme of positivity to deliver some of the best ads that are not just the epitome of spreading goodness but also celebrate the positivity that comes with the occasion.

Like yesteryears, this year too brand have done a fabulous job in bringing out campaigns that are spreading smiles across the globe.

From Tata motors coming up with “#CelebratingGoodness with Tata motors” to Coca-Cola tapping on our heartstrings with yet another ad that shows humanity and closeness, brands have done justice to what the holy month of Ramadan believes in spreading, positivity.

Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy Ramadan campaigns of this year. 

Tata Motors

Mc Donald’s


Coca Cola

Alex Bank





We Telecom

Banque Misr

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Mountain View

Egypt Post

Union Air



These were some of the noteworthy Ramadan campaigns spotted by Social Samosa this year. If you think we may have missed out on some, do let us know at [email protected] or in the comments below.