RoohAfza ad campaigns that are the ultimate refresher

RoohAfza ad

RoohAfza bringing ad campaigns like “Go Greedy’ and “Double Dose” to the audience that are as refreshing as the drink itself

RoohAfza is a lot more than just a refreshing drink for the soul in scorching summer, it is a natural drink that brings in nostalgia of over 100 years to the table. RoohAfza was created by Unani practitioner, Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in 1907. Since then, the brand has been a tale of natural and fresh drink that is meant to consume with cold water or milk. Even the name “RoohAfza” originated from the Persian word “Roof Afza” that means refresher of the soul.

To mark what “RoohAfza” stands for, the brand has been creating ad campaigns that position itself as the ultimate summer drink. From the good old days of featuring RoohAfza as the go-to drink during one’s summer days to roping in Juhi Chawla as a brand ambassador and featuring her in its ads to fight competition in the market, RoohAfza has done quite a work to make it a brand that has been running in the consumer’s veins for many decades.

Ad campaigns like “Go Greedy”, “Ghulke Jio”, “taste ka double dose” have made the brand stand from the rest. RoohAfza has shown a spectrum of ad campaigns that range from humor to maintaining a tonality of refreshing drinks for summer to message-driven campaigns that urge the audience for doing good. RoohAfza has also touched on social media marketing effectively through their contests like “Meri RoohAfza story”, “click karo refresh hojao” prior to Holi to kickstart RoohAfza’s sales since the beginning of the summers. The contests proved to be a great stimulus in increasing the social media presence and following of RoohAfza.

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RoohAfza’s ad campaign “Go Greedy” with the tagline that says ‘lalach ek kala hai’ was conceptualised by Rediffusion Y&R is considered to be a game-changer in RoohAfza’s advertising. The ad campaign was designed with a motive to reposition the brand and target the young TG. The core idea of the ad campaign was to tell the audience that the very act of greed can become an art if done for others or done to follow your own passions. The ad campaign hit thousands of views and was taken well by the audience.

Following this, RoohAfza changed the tonality of its ads when it came up with “Ghulke Jiyo” ad campaign. The campaign urged the customers with the idea of “Unity in diversity” in India. The ad put out a heartful message of living together in India with peace and harmony. Rooh Afza has also successfully positioned itself as the drink of Ramadan. There is strong brand recall value as the people instantly connect Ramadan with Rooh Afza and vice versa. RoohAfza is an essential drink for Indian Muslims during the month of Ramadan. RoohAfza has embraced the concept of unity and friendship during Ramadan that makes the audience connect to the brand emotionally and mark the successful selling of drinks in bulk during Ramadan.

In 2020, RoohAfza took a step forward in the milkshakes segment with the introduction of RoohAfza milk shakes that came out with the ad campaign “taste ka double dose”. The ad campaign was launched on digital media with the message-‘Freshness and Taste Ka Double Dose.’ The ad was designed with the purpose of resonating with the mindset of young audience.

Let’s take a plunge into some refreshing ad campaigns of RoohAfza

Freshness ka #DoubleDose

Ghulke Jiyo

Go Greedy

Lalach Ek Kala Hai

RoohAfza ad in 2013

Naturally refreshing: RoohAfza

RoohAfza old ad

Juhi Chawla in RoohAfza ad

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