In 7 ways: How Ryan Reynolds inspires the Indian marketing industry with new-age tactics

Ryan Reynolds marketing

#RyanRules: Here are the key takeaways for desi marketers who wish to pave their way into the world of advertising, promotion, and gen-z rules of marketing.

Ryan Reynolds is the owner of Maximum Marketing, Mint Advertising, and Aviation Promotion. That sounds too wrong, isn’t it? Well, explicitly yes, and implicitly no. These were half-names of the companies he owns, markets promote and basically spearheads all their nuts and bolts.

So, let’s come to the real names now, shall we? Reynolds owns one of the most prominent American alcohol brands Aviation Gin, an advertising agency called Maximum Effort, an internet/telecom providing company named Mint Mobile, and lastly, the third oldest football club in the world, Wrexham AFC. On top of all of these entrepreneurial ventures, he is a leading Hollywood actor and film producer. He is THE DEADPOOL, one among the Justice League, should we even describe him anymore? To sum up, he ain’t just a cinematic superhero, but a miracle to the world of marketing. 

While we’re onto his marketing formula, let’s dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of his process, and what the Indian marketing industry must learn from Ryan Reynolds’ style of marketing! 

1) If you’re not a marketer, you can still be a marketer 

Reynolds ignites hopes within those who do not have a degree in marketing but are fascinated by the idea of creating creative content that is intriguing and real nonetheless. He was an actor first and an advertiser later. But, what he always was, was a charismatic man who had fiery creative blood running inside his nerves. Fret not if you have an engineering degree, but still manage to create stories that allure even the most mundane minds. You CAN be a leading marketer.

In Mint Mobile’s advertisement, who would actually ever imagine that Ryan would market his company like nobody can, being an actor and the big name that he really is? The amusement factor in this ad is just beyond comprehension. In fact, the comment under it reads: “I think he’s the only person I subscribe to for ads (laughing emoji).” Need we say anymore here?

2) Unofficial is the new official 

We must let a marketer’s mind be as free as a molecule. If you’re a marketing head, this one’s for you. The monotony of a 9-to-5 job can have vicious implications on your employees who have a marketing feather on their caps. In an article by AdWeek, Reynolds revealed, “I don’t know the nuances of typical ad agencies. I’ve met some of them. While I respect what they do and how they do it, I get why it’s challenging.”

Creative agility is analogous to being free. It can lead to creative blocks, and content that is redundant. So, enjoy the process, and let it enthral you at every stage. Quality is key, not quantity. The entire series of him with Hugh Jackman is a testament to the fact that marketing and advertising are not just about making ads, creating client briefs, and most importantly: having fun.

3) Originality goes a long way 

There was David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, and Diddy in an advertisement by Aviation Gin. All three of them tried to amalgamate a cocktail by mixing a tequila, whisky, and a gin. The guys terribly failed. While they had the first shot of the drink, they puked, and said: “Damn it, that’s gross”. And, all of it was on camera. It concluded with a statement that said, “This is why we need mixologists.”

So, be real. Be real. Be real. Emphasise it unless you are able to extrapolate it. There’s no substitute to being authentic and original. 

4) Superstars are not your only stars

Even though most of the advertisements he creates have him as the voiceover or the protagonist, you must know that even if he was not in them, the ads would flourish nevertheless. A celebrity can cost you bucks, not creativity. Even if you cannot afford a superstar, you do not need to worry. Yes, they might be able to give your advertisement a pre-established audience, but you can always let your content take the front stage. In an ad titled Arlene’s Big Leap, the protagonist was born in 1936, but she shall turn 21 years old in February 2020. What is the catch here, and how is it related to Aviation Gin? Here you go: 21 is the legal drinking age. Yes, we too were stunned at how simple yet magical can the ideation behind developing content would be. ​

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5) A responsible consumer is a responsible marketer 

If you eat Dairy Milk, and cannot associate it with the song that chanted “close your eyes and kiss me”, you’re not a marketing-oriented consumer. If you find it difficult to associate brands with their marketing gimmicks, this is not your cup of tea. Reynolds cannot create an advertisement that says, “At Mint Mobile, we don’t hate you,” without him being a consumer who knows what his competitors lag behind. 

6) Content is king

You do not need a Ryan Reynolds Marketing guide to state this. This is the doctrine that you must follow. In fact, it is indispensable. Putting a celebrity face to a brand, without it having any quality content being delivered to the spectators, is like spending money down the fire. Your message should be loud and clear in your content. There’s no out-of-the-box way to say it. 

In this ad titled ‘DocuMintary’, you would think- why in this world would an internet broadcasting company relate an advertisement with bitcoin or any sort of cryptocurrency? This is the real magic of content. Watch the ad, and if your jaws don’t literally drop and you don’t have a nice laugh after it, stop reading this article right here (not literally though).

7) Bend, not break 

Don’t break the rules of marketing, bend them. Rules are not meant to be broken but should be bent to support your idea or the content. The 5Ps of Marketing Mix can *never* be done away with, but the order in which they appear can be tweaked. Ryan advertised Mint Mobile in the backdrop of a farm field. So, just do it like they don’t! 

Ryan Reynolds Marketing mantra is far from ordinary and can be adapted in ways to increase the brand’s shelf life on and off site.