"The Bread Ad" of Magic pin targets the latest trending ad of another app

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Witness Magic Pin taking a dig at another app's latest viral ad campaign and stirs the conversation.

Magic pin's latest ad "The Bread Ad" takes a dig at another app's high octane celebrity campaign. The ad featuring Vijay Raaj spotlights magic pin's no-nonsense rewards programme with 1 point-1 rupee that can be redeemed easily at 150,000+ partner brands that range across food, fashion, electronics, grocery, and many other categories. With the latest ad, magic pin wants to position itself as the No.1 savings app and let the audience get the idea that Magic pin is the place for 'Asli savings'. 

The ad seems to target another app's trending campaign quite well by aping the visuals that match the spectrum and tonality of the trending ad campaign. Magic pin's ad features a similar narrative as used in the trending campaign of another app that makes it a direct example of ambush marketing. Taking a direct toll on the viral trending campaign of another app, magic pin wants to make its point of being the real app for savings and targeted the promises done by another app in their latest trending ad campaign. 

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The ad that seems to be yet another case of ambush marketing is making its way to the spotlight in a subtle yet interesting manner. The ad narrative runs on the lines of how the concept of earning bread points in a bread app is a concept that is beyond reality and isn't something that is to be trusted. The ad targets another app's ad directly by being vocal about Magic pin's policy of earning points that actually matter as they can be easily redeemed across various categories of products.

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