YouTube Updates: Filters For Harmful Comments, & more

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube updates

YouTube has announced a few updates for creators with regards to entering captions in the upload flow, viewing performance metrics for Shorts in the Studio mobile app, and more.

The updates have been announced through the Creator Insider channel, hosted by the YouTube team.

Captions In Upload Flow

YouTube is introducing the option to enter captions in the upload flow, as the user uploads the video from the video elements page. The recently revamped captions editor will enable creators to type in a relevant caption, upload a caption file, and edit the automatically generated captions.

Support For Permission Users

A user who has been granted access to a channel via channel permissions will now have the ability to request support, through chat, email, or YouTube Studio, on behalf of the channel if it is eligible for support.

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Filters For Harmful Comments

The platform is addressing feedback provided by creators on how harmful and hurtful comments that surface may affect their wellbeing on the platform. Going forward comments that YouTube may consider more hurtful than others would be shown in a new section called 'Held for review'.

Creators can review them by clicking on 'See hidden comments' at the bottom of this tab, or leave them unreviewed and ignore them.

Shorts Snapshot

YouTube Studio mobile app will now display typical performance for Shorts on metrics such as average percentage watched, likes, and comparison with previous Shorts.

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