Bank of Baroda advocates hope with ‘PhirJeetenge’ anthem against COVID-19

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Bank of Baroda

The ad campaign by Bank of Baroda praises the effort of frontline workers and magnifies the ray of hope in the tough time.

Bank of Baroda shows its support to the nation during the second COVID wave with a heartwarming video titled ‘#PhirJeetenge’. The essence of the video is to emphasize the importance of holding on to hope and coming together as a nation, to work towards a brighter horizon.

The video features world renowned badminton players PV Sindhu, Srikanth Kidambi, singers Javed Ali and Aishwarya Majmudar, and radio jockeys Kartik and Archana calling on all citizens to come together and fight the virus, thereby increasing awareness on the need for precautions and the significance of getting vaccinated.

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With the pandemic having created a shift in terms of the new normal, the campaign advocates the importance of a positive mindset and working, physically and emotionally, towards a better tomorrow.

Speaking on the initiative Shri. Purshotam, Chief General Manager, Retail Liabilities, WMS, Marketing, Capital Market & NRI Business, Bank of Baroda said, “At a time such as the current pandemic situation, it is important for us, from all walks of life, to unite, with one overriding emotion, that of hope. We all need to follow the guidelines set by the government and support each other. ‘PhirJeetenge’ is an anthem for each and every individual, to believe and draw on the strength that we possess, confident that we will succeed, like we always have, as a country.”

On India’s 75th year of Independence, Bank of Baroda seeks to spread the message of overcoming hurdles and winning over the pandemic together.

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