JSW Cement urges viewers to plan for the future in latest campaign

JSW Cement campaign

In a bid to build a sustainable and greener future, JSW Cement released its new campaign backed with a motivational jingle, ‘Yaariyaan’ by A.R Rahman to drive home a pertinent narrative.

Home is not just a place of residence, but a dream come true to build a better and prosperous future. In the process, it also becomes crucial to focus on sustainability and a greener future with environment-friendly ways helping us fulfil the goal. To enable consumers to achieve this, JSW Cement presents a heart-warming narrative as the solution through the lenses of a common man in its latest campaign.

Conceptualized by Plotters Ink, ‘Kal Ki Mazboot Taiyyari Ke Liye’ campaign showcases how a common man as a home-builder aspires to build his dream house while working towards building it for others. As we move further in the story, the TVC highlights how the brand partners with citizens of the nation to transform this dream into reality through eco-friendly ways, establishing itself as the leader in ‘Green Cement’ manufacturing.

Building on its proposition of ‘The Leaders’ Choice’ that appreciates the contribution of each of its partners, the campaign manages to leave a mark. The background music of the campaign, ‘Yaariyaan’ composed by A.R Rahman, beautifully captures the essence of the message.

Aiming to establish the everlasting bond between JSW Cement and its relentless efforts to build a greener future for the people, the campaign makes an effort to interweave the tale of home-builders, people, and the infrastructure of the nation.

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Speaking on the initiative, Gurminder Singh, Head-Branding, JSW Cement, explained, “In this age of sensitive environmental conditions, we are trying to portray the importance of using green products by showcasing the concept of friendship ‘Yaariyaan’ between JSW Cement, the home builder, environment, and infrastructure of our country. This has been brilliantly captured by legendary Oscar winner A. R. Rahman in the music composed and executed to perfection by Plotters Ink in these challenging times of the pandemic.”

Saachi Agrawal, Co-Founder, Plotters Ink, added, “The film is an interwoven story of the dreams of a home builder and that of our nation. Both lookout for trusted and strong partnerships to accomplish their dreams. Through the positioning of ‘Yaariyaan’, we look forward to making our brand more welcome and the preferred partner for construction. The beauty of this film is that it effortlessly helps us strengthen the core proposition of ‘The Leaders’ Choice’ as we truly believe a great leader is someone who builds and cherishes bonds while appreciating the roles of many others who help in making dreams come true.”

With the ongoing global climate change hazard, it is of utmost importance that as responsible citizens we adopt environment-friendly methods to build a better and greener planet. JSW Cement is striving towards this cause in line with their brand promise through contribution in developing infrastructure and greener products that help build homes and lives that survive and sustain.