Brand creatives drive awareness on COVID-19 vaccination & double masking

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COVID-19 creatives

The two novel and significant safety measures that have come up in the fight against COVID-19 are vaccination and double masking, and brand creatives highlight these practices in ingenious ways.

The second wave of COVID-19 has been drowning the majority of the country in an inhumane situation, and along with the conventional safety measures we have been following, vaccination and double masking are being cited as the way to limit the outbreak, and along with authorities and health officials, brand creatives are also amplifying its awareness.

Lifebuoy India has launched a series of public service messages featuring Indian cricketers and popular personalities from the sport. Rishabh Pant, Yuvraj Singh, Harsha Bhogale, and more have been featured to transmit the message to protect oneself and keep others around us safe with vaccination and more safety measures.

With a string of creatives pushing viewers towards getting the jab, OYO has also announced a new tag on properties that highlights the staff being vaccinated through the creative.

Mumbai Police continues to dominate the pop culture with popular references underlining safety practices. From Harry Potter to Michael Jackson, double masking has been communicated in a snackable way. Durex India keeps their tongue-in-cheek humor intact without failing to make the point.

More brands aim to create awareness with their own tonality and brand language.

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