Case Study: How Gas-O-Fast leveraged regional influencers for product awareness campaign

gas-o-fast awareness campaign

Gas-O-Fast awareness campaign leveraged Marathi and Bihari influencers to garner impressions and create engagement on Facebook and YouTube.

This case study explores how Gas-O-Fast awareness campaign leveraged social media channels and regional influencers to promote their product as a one-stop solution for gas and acidic issues.

Brand Introduction 

Gas-O-Fast is a combination of Ayurvedic and natural ingredients like Jeera and Ajwain, which gives quick relief from acidity, gas, and indigestion. The ingredients are infused with the wellness of Ayurveda. The product helps to get instant relief from any symptoms of gas, acidity, and indigestion. It helps in cases of discomfort in the stomach as it works to neutralize acidic irritants.


Gas-O-Fast is an antacid brand from Mankind Pharma that leveraged regional influencers to create awareness and enhance brand affinity amongst its consumers while creating a distinct value proposition. The reason behind collaborating with these influencers was to attain a higher engagement and reach for relatable content across regions while keeping in mind, the authenticity

Gas-O-Fast awarness campaign kept food and Gas-O-Fast at the centre of the conversations, keeping gas, and acidity as the antagonists in life.


Using regional influencers on Facebook and YouTube, Gas-O-Fast aimed to create awareness about the product utility and make an effort to emerge as the antacid market leader. 


The brief was that consumers can indulge in their favorite delights which might be the cause of gas and acidity but everything can be digested with Gas-O-Fast. The campaign intended to establish Gas-O-Fast as a quick fix or a solution to gastric and acidic problems.

Creative Idea

Identifying the right set of influencers was the first step for the campaign to perform well in the regional markets. The regional influencers were picked because they not only could connect with people of their background but could also interact with them in their native languages. The focus was on Marathi and Bihari influencers for Gas-o-fast awareness campaign videos. The next step was to come up with creative and relatable content to boost awareness in the market and build brand affinity.

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The Gas-o-fast awareness campaign commenced with the appropriate platforms fit for the initiative. The prime platforms chosen were YouTube and Facebook as with the increase in access to mobile phones, Indians in the age bracket of 35-65 tend to use these platforms the most. Since the focus was on Marathi and Bihari influencers for the initiative, the brand selected Bhau Kadam and Anand Mohan to propagate the campaign communication, through videos.

For the initiative, Bhau Kadam, a Marathi theatre and film actor spoke about the Maharashtrian dishes like Vada pav, missal pav, pav bhaji, and how Gas-O-Fast as the product could be a solution to enjoy all the delicacies.

Further, for the Anand Mohan campaign video, gas, acidity, and Gas-O-Fast were personified. The video opens on gas and acidity planning to hijack the houses where the best menu was being prepared as they reach their destination.

The videos were amplified by the influencers across their social handles with over 1500 interactions along with the brand page for reach and engagement.


The campaigns garnered over:

  • 3.4M impressions
  • 509K views on social platforms


Joy Chatterjee, GM, Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma, said, “This year our objective is to increase the market share for our antacid brand Gas-O-Fast, an Ayurvedic and Natural antacid brand by Mankind Pharma that comes with natural Jeera and natural Ajwain variants that fight against acidity, gas, and indigestion. The antacid market as a category is unorganized and with a limited number of products available. Hence, we decided to reach the remotest parts of India. To be succeeded in our plan, the brand is effectively investing in products and marketing to garner the attention of the consumers through 3cs- campaigns, creatives, and contests on social media platforms.”

He also added, “Recently, we partnered with Gobble, a mainstream digital food content channel for a three-month-long duration. The campaign received great reach and was targeted to create awareness and enhance brand affinity amongst its consumers while creating a distinct value proposition. With this, our confidence has boosted up and we have launched social media campaigns with our brand ambassadors such as Saurabh Shukla, Biswanath Basu, and Brahmanandam to tap into new markets and reach more consumers. We are quite optimistic that this year also we will shine.