Clubhouse is now available on Android

Clubhouse Android

Clubhouse for Android has now been rolled out in beta, starting with US, followed by a gradual launch in English-speaking countries, and the global rollout.

The rollout will continue with the invite and waitlist system, and users can also sign up to be alerted about the app’s availability in their area. Clubhouse will be gathering user feedback to improve functionalities on Android during this initial phase, along with launching new features such as payments, club creation, and fixing issues.

Clubhouse has been dominating the popular culture since last year and has popularized the voice-based format amongst social networks. Its invite and waitlist system which will continue with the launch on Android has also been building up its exclusivity and inducing FOMO among younger users, given the frequency of regular appearances by several celebrities on the platform and intrigue for the novel format.

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The exclusivity has been working in the app’s favor but it has been a consequence of limitations on resources and expansion capabilities. For a substantial chunk of the initial phase, the two founders were the only people running the joint as full-time employees, they were managing the platform end-to-end, from infrastructure scaling, feature development, gathering product feedback, to general company building.

Expansion of their teams, the steady growth of the communities with some overnight spikes, scaling out the backend, and few more improved and extended capabilities have resulted in the launch on Android. Clubhouse will be expanding language support, and adding more accessibility features, as the community grows further.