Qoruz India launches an Influencer Search Engine for brands and businesses

Qoruz influencer search engine

The Qoruz influencer search engine will empower brands to search for influencers from across the country, spanning varied sectors, on leading social media platforms.

The importance, relevance, and impact of Influencer Marketing in the current climate cannot be stressed enough and while many brands understand this, it is the selecting of the right influencers that often gets ignored. An influencer that seamlessly blends with the brands’ personality and ethos, is in touch with the right audience and is invested in creating ethical, engaging, and quality content that can enable brands in creating a lasting image.

Filling the need gap between brands and influencers, Influencer Marketing Insights and Analytics platform, Qoruz, has launched a comprehensive Influencer Search Engine. This engine will empower brands to find influencers from across the country on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs under various sectors including fashion, beauty, photography, food, lifestyle, comedy, family, music, films, technology, games.

Praanesh Bhuvaneshwar, Co-founder & CEO, Qoruz, said “We are excited to launch India’s first and largest database of influencers and creators. We believe the Qoruz search engine, starting with India and then internationally, will help marketers to discover relevant influencers for their objectives by giving them data, deep insights, and campaign management tools. We envision a connected Influencer ecosystem; where influencers and creators are not looked upon as “Vehicles of Reach” or “Human Ad Banners” but a world where Brands and Marketers forge tighter mutually beneficial relationships with influencers, beyond “money” or “reach”.

Influencer Marketing globally is a $13 BN market and is forecasted to grow to $24 BN by 2025. This search engine will empower brands to search for influencers across states and districts, celebrities, macro, micro, and even nano influencers. It will help brands look for the influencers by attributes, category, and region that fits their target audience best.

The search engine by Qoruz simplifies Influencer hunt as users can use basic keywords such as  “Top Content Creators on Instagram”, “Top Food Instagrammers in Delhi”, or “Fashion Influencers in Bhopal”. Advanced features like filters, detailed analytics, insights, and campaign planning tools will be available for a small license fee.

For instance, on searching “Best Food Influencers” we were presented with thousands of Indian Influencers profiles, with options to filter influencers that would be best suited for the brand and the objective of the campaign. Similarly, the search for “Travel Bloggers India” yielded a precise database of relevant influencers.

“We use technology, data mining, AI-based software, and machine learning to match a brand with the right set of relevant influencers. Technology enables us to do this at scale and hence it is our key differentiator. We’ve worked with our customers for many months to understand their workflows, and they have been asking us when we will make Qoruz’s database and insights available in a self-serve fashion. We are excited to say that for all customers in India, no matter if they are large enterprises, medium companies, or a tech startup, today is the day”, says, Prabakaran B, Co-founder, and CTO, Qoruz.

Qoruz is mentored by Nitesh Kripalani (former Director and Country Head, Amazon Video India). Its product features include influencer marketing, such as influencer search, reach outs at scale, AI-powered analytics & campaign reporting, and more. The tool has worked with a number of brands including Swiggy, ITC, Marico, Goibibo, Omnicom Media Group, and MSL PR Group.