Case Study: How Rasna banked on rising demand for recipe content through influencer-outreach


Rasna leveraged the mass following of Mellow D, Bharatz Kitchen, Kanak, and other food influencers to invoke nostalgia and revive childhood memories during lockdown 2.0 with a CTA towards making Rasna a part of daily recipes.

Known for its “I Love You Rasna” tagline for years, this summer, Rasna chose to expand its usage and involvement in the kitchen in an effort to amp up product sales with an extension of the #LoveURasnaRecipes campaign. We delve into the campaign execution and conceptualization.

Category Introduction

Given a steep rise in the current demand for immunity-boosting products, the global market has witnessed tremendous growth and is expected to cross $ 17 billion by 2025. With an initial investment of INR 400 million in this new category, Rasna is working towards capturing 2-3% of this global market with its presence spread across India and other markets of export.

Brand Introduction 

Rasna has become the ubiquitous drink served at home and at large gatherings since the mid-’70s. Today, it has 9 manufacturing plants and is ISO-22000-2005, HACCP, HALAL, FSSAI certified. The brand has a distribution network with 26 depots across India, 200 Super stockists, 5000 stockists, 900 salesforces covering 1.6 million outlets. It has a strong marketing network across the breadth and length of India and abroad, and claims an 85% market share in the non-carbonated soft drinks concentrate market.


In the lockdown, people rediscovered the joy of cooking and experimented with new kinds of dishes at home. ‘Recipes’ was one of the top keywords searched during the lockdown. With nowhere to go, people were trying their hands on innovative recipes with different ingredients to enjoy the food at home.

Consumers have always used Rasna for making delicious beverages like faloodas, mocktails, and milkshakes. However, this time it asked people to make cake, cookies, jellies, and much more using their favorite Rasna. The campaign #LoveURasnaRecipes was all about presenting your summer favorite drink in newer avatars with the help of India’s leading chefs and influencers.

Problem Statement/Objective 

With the changing time and arrival of new products in the drink category, it became crucial to reinvent and modify the strategy so Rasna can associate well with the newer audience and drive brand affinity. The demand is also changing and to succeed in the market it becomes of utmost importance to update its product and packaging also. That’s why Rasna launched immunity booster products to relate well.

The brand’s objective was to make Rasna more relevant for the millennials moms and register a strong space in the household, hence the digital medium was used to connect with the audience.


Over the years, Rasna was always seen just as a drink, though its fine syrup has always had multiple usages. The new packs come with added immunity-boosting nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, etc. Hence, it meets both the flavour and health requirements.

Rasna wanted to showcase to its target audience that it can be used in ways other than the usual fruit beverage which builds immunity also. With the new campaign #LoveURasnaRecipe, it wanted to capture the position in the list of ingredients used in home recipes.

Creative Idea 

“Recipes” has been the most searched category in 2020 during lockdown 1.0 and given the current scenario recipes are going to become huge in lockdown 2.0 too. Also, as per the GWI Report, consumers’ interests lie in learning new skills and cooking. Keeping both in mind Rasna decided to move boundaries for Rasna by positioning this as not a drink brand but an ingredient to make multiple dishes.

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We aimed to create awareness about product utility through the campaign. The brand collaborated with a set of influencers to share and amplify the message to reach out to the target audience.

A popular rapper and influencer, Mellow D created a music video to invoke nostalgia and revive childhood memories. The video was a fun one with Mellow enjoying Rasna and re-creating memories around “I Love You Rasna”.

Apart from this, chef influencers like BharatzKitchen, Kanak Khathuria, and Meghna’s Food Magic were part of the digital campaign. Owing to its popularity across India and adoption of digital in Bharat, the brand has gone one step ahead and has associated with famous regional influencers in the food category like Veg Village Food, Simply Swadisht, and Tastee with Kiruthiga. The influencers and chefs explored unique recipes in which Rasna as an ingredient other than just a fruit drink, to make this summer season more enjoyable.

The videos were posted by the influencers on their social media platforms. The idea was to use the digital medium to create a personal connection with the audience so it increases the brand recall among them.

Further, influencers posed a challenge and invited the audience to participate by making their own unique recipes with Rasna. The best recipes will get a chance to win an Amazon voucher worth INR 5000, along with Rasna hamper. The brand will choose the top 10 winners, and the best recipes will get a mention in the recipe book.


Unique Reach  –  8,443,817

Video Views  –  6,673,478

Post Engagements – 69,185 (Reactions, Comments, Shares, Clicks & Saves)

Total Spends  –  3.8L

CMO Quotes

Speaking on the campaign, Piruz Khambatta, Chairman, Rasna Pvt Ltd, said, “Lockdown comes with a new normal and one new normal everybody is experiencing is the urge to become a cook. The urge to become a cook has opened doors for companies to innovate lots of products that can be used as cookery ingredients. How could Rasna be far behind? Though our soft drinks are always used for making beverages like faloodas, mocktails milkshakes. Rasna has taken the lead this year to make items like cake, cookies, jellies, and much more, of course in addition to our all-time favorite Ice Lollies. With this campaign, we want to create a good brand value by having a direct connection of customers with the brand.