Chellam Sir creatives portray the man’s endless wisdom

Chellam Sir creatives

Stills from The Family Man Season 2 reveal that the intelligence and knowledge of Chellam Sir is not just restricted to handling hostage situations or grave encounters, he is also versed with consumer interest, and the creatives outline his insights.

Chellam Sir has turned out to be an institution in himself, he now holds the same rank as Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, Google, and Alexa, and the creatives further amplify his learnings, bringing him into the advertising world.

The character is growing widely popular and Chellam Sir is also now a meme format and a trending topic that is extensively circulating in the socioverse.

Integrating the brand and the product in the narrative of “Ask Chellam Sir Anything” is also growing popular with the brands to make promotions trendy and snackable. Tata Power and Meru Cabs arrive with monsoon solutions. FrontRow, Edelweiss Group, and SLAY Coffee highlight the superiority of their offerings.

More brands call Chellam sir to get the right answers.

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Tata Power

Meru Cabs



SLAY Coffee

Edelweiss Group






Sweet Truth

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