Facebook launches tools for Group admins & community managers

Facebook Group admins

The new tools have been designed on the basis of feedback received from Facebook Group admins, and intend to streamline the burdening experience of managing communities and also help moderators to curb conflicts.

The following tools will be rolled out to the 70 million active group admins and moderators on Facebook:

Admin Home

This is the ultimate destination for admins to manage their communities with all the available features and tools. Reported comments, posts that need attention, key tools in reorganized categories, and new features that will be rolled out, will all be available here.

Comment Moderation

Comment Moderation is the recent addition to Admin Assist and will enable admins to set up automated parameters for post and comment moderation both, available across desktop, and mobile.

Admin will be available to restrict people on the basis of how long they’ve had a Facebook account or been a member of the group, reduce promotional content by declining posts and comments and simultaneously give feedback to the post’s author for resubmission, use suggested criteria from Facebook or add and edit the criteria to protect the group from spam and resolve conflicts.

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Conflict Alerts

The new type of moderation alert uses AI to detect unhealthy conversations or potentially abusive conversations in the group. The tool will notify admins when certain actions need to be taken on such conversations, actions such as limiting comments, control how often comments can be made, and more.

More Features

Member Summary, the newly launched feature can enable admins to see a consolidated log of each member’s activity in the group.

Appeals can now be made for content posted by the admin themself, other admins posted, or that they approved from members. These appeals will be reviewed by Facebook.

Admins and moderators can also tag group rules in comments and posts, to make the moderation more transparent.