Toaster India & Google Search unveil PSA campaign around vaccination

Social Samosa
Jun 03, 2021 22:23 IST
Google Search

The campaign titled #GetTheFacts aims to educate users about verified information around COVID-19 vaccines on Google Search.

Toaster India has partnered with Google search to unveil a new public awareness ad campaign aimed at raising awareness around vaccine hesitation in India by educating the users about verified information available on the search engine.  

The campaign titled #GetTheFacts features an ad film in 8 languages for TV and digital media supporting the need for verified COVID-19 related searches, with a focus on the ongoing vaccination drive across the country. The film further addresses the fact that whether the questions are big or small, verified information is available to the users through a simple Google search. The more questions we ask and answers we find, gets us closer to a better tomorrow.

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Speaking on the campaign announcement, Bhawika Chhabra, Chief Business Officer, Toaster said“In these difficult times, I believe that brands must focus their energies on doing meaningful work and communication that can truly help people. Google has already done some remarkable work by contributing to the Covid fight in India and enhancing its products to provide specific and verified information. This campaign is another step in the right direction. We partnered with Google to create this campaign in over 8 languages for TV and digital. The campaign answered vaccine-related questions and encouraged users to ask any questions that they might have.”

Adding to this, Ira Gupta, Executive Creative Director, Toaster said “The intent behind the film was to communicate in a dialect that is simple and related to the users. The ad film gives comfort to the people and encourages them to ask more and more questions, whether big or small and make them feel empowered in order to make informed decisions by using credible and verified information concerning the Covid-19 vaccination drive.”

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