Twitter introduces Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter Spaces

With the new Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces, users on the platform will have more monetization opportunities.

Super Follows (iOS only) and Ticketed Spaces (iOS and Android), both monetization tools would only be accessible to a small group of Twitter users currently. Users can apply to be a part of this group by checking their eligibility in the 'Monetization' section in the Twitter sidebar. Currently, the platform is only accepting applications from users in US.

Ticketed Spaces

For the unacquainted, Twitter Spaces, are chat rooms to have voice-based conversations in real-time. Twitter users can create a space, invite users, and manage who can speak. Spaces enable users to have discussions about a topic away from the chatter, because of the public nature of conversations on Twitter.

With Ticketed Spaces users would be able to monetize the chat room and invite 5-100 users for a ticket price between 1 USD to 999 USD, and offer a distinctive live audio experience. Details of the Space can be directly shared to the Home timeline, and attendees would also receive push and in-app notifications.

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The application for Ticketed Spaces holds diverse and vast potential, from artists holding intimate conversations with their fans and community, publishers holding workshops, brands hosting paid events, and more.

Super Follows

Super Follows can enable creators, brands, and publishers to monetize their presence on the platform and enable users to support or incentivize their favorites in exchange for their content and a few perks.

The creator will earn monetary rewards with each Super Follow, and the user will receive perks such as supporter badge, subscriber-only newsletters, exclusive content, and discounts. Price points can be customized between 2.99 USD, 4.99 USD or 9.99 USD per month.

Users can earn up to 97% of the revenue from Spaces ticket purchases and Super Follows subscriptions. Twitter won’t take more than a 3% share until the user exceeds 50,000 USD in lifetime earnings on both products. After this point, Twitter’s share increases to up to 20% of future earnings.