YouTube introduces new copyright tool for creators

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YouTube copyright tool

YouTube creators can enable the tool to prevent copies of the content they own from appearing or surfacing on the platform, and restrain copyright infringement.

The copyright management tool is a new checkbox in the copyright webform, when enabled will automatically prevent copies of the video from being uploaded on YouTube or will notify the owner of the content. Creators can access the web form in the YouTube Studio.


The tool will be gradually rolled out over the next couple of months, and will not be widely available to all creators presently. The content owner would need to certify that they own the exclusive worldwide rights of the content they are requesting removal of copies. If the takedown request is valid, YouTube will try to prevent new uploads of the copies and stop them from appearing on the platform.

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Owners can also uncheck the box in the copyright webform and disable the functionality.

How to enable the 'Prevent Copies' function

  • Fill out the copyright takedown webform
  • Under Removal options, check the box next to 'Prevent copies' of these videos from appearing on YouTube going forward
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Note: The takedown request must be approved before the YouTube system starts to find and prevent copies from being uploaded

In the later phases of the rollout of this tool, the creators or content owners can also check the 'Matches' section in the copyright tab of the YouTube Studio, to see the count of copies prevented from upload. Additionally, similar copies of the video will be shown in the copyright match tool, so the content owner can review the video and make a decision.

Misuse or abuse of the feature can result in losing accessibility of the tool or termination of the account.

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