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Here is a compilation of some of the quirkiest Doritos Campaigns that over the years have helped establish the brand as the perfect munching companion.

Doritos continues to be loved by many and has made several successful campaigns to market itself. Here are some of the few to munch through. One of the prominent of those campaigns being 'Dorito Dream Girl' showcasing a cheesy workplace romance. Product integration is focussed on by introducing a woman who after taking a bite of the Snack turns into a human form of the chips, which the man visualizes in an indigenous way that would appeal fan base.

The ad campaign technique is a mix of appealing aesthetics and informational communication. Brand creatives showcasing their product with vibrant visuals, the brand touches upon various elements. The witty tone with a splash of humor has been maintained throughout the brand communications that maintains consistency, through their existence and having a global presence.

Campaigns such as ‘Cry Baby’, ‘Doritos Peace and quiet’ Commercial, are some of the funniest by the brand which has showcased small kids in the campaigns, paving their way into the consumers’ stomachs by making them laugh out loud.

Keeping their communication light-hearted and comical, the brand has also brought out campaigns such as ‘Doritos Heaven’, ‘Doritos Grow on’ ‘This guy REALLY likes Doritos’, which show how consumers are crazy for the Snack to indulge in munching.‘The New Kid’, ‘Doritos Tender Boy’, visualizes how this Snack pack is helping to reach out to new friends and is used as a mediator to make new friends in lieu to initiate bonds while sharing it.

Also, Doritos from Plano-based Frito-Lay—is now launching SOLID BLACK to share stories of Black joy, strength, and resilience where it has committed to spending more than $5 million on its Solid Black campaign, with the general goal of amplifying stories of Black joy, strength, and resilience.

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Dorito Dream Girl

Cry Baby

Doritos "Peace and Quiet" Commercial

This Guy REALLY likes Doritos

Doritos Heaven

The New Kid

Doritos Sling Baby

The Perfect Dorito

Doritos Tender Boy

DORITOS Grow on Trees!

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