AliveCor collaborates with Toofaan to emphasize the importance of heart rate monitoring

AliveCor KardiaMobile Toofaan campaign

Cradling people with AI-based, personalized heart care, AliveCor emphasizes cardiac wellness with KardiaMobile 6L in collaboration with Farhan Akhtar’s latest movie Toofaan which was released on Amazon Prime Video, urging people towards a healthy lifestyle and healthy hearts.

It becomes all the more important to take care of your heart, mind, and body for healthy living, in today’s day and age. Aiding people towards heart monitoring and bringing heart care at home, AliveCor put the spotlight on KardiaMobile 6L in collaboration with the recent Bollywood release, Toofaan on Amazon Prime Video.

As the brand associates with Toofaan starring Farhan Akhtar, it goes on to highlight the relevance of being able to monitor cardiac health anytime, anywhere to win every battle of life. The AliveCor campaign video commences with Farhan Akhtar emphasizing how the heartbeat is at the core of every Toofaani knockout.

With a power-packed musical number from the film in the backdrop, the video goes on to draw a parallel between Aziz Ali’s resolve to emerge victoriously and the role of AliveCor in tracking Heart health.

Beautifully interweaving the brand DNA/ethos with the central theme of the movie, the AliveCor ad film highlights how KardiaMobile 6L is a hassle-free, and personalized ECG monitoring device that helps to gauge your heart health in 30 seconds. Being quintessential to the unbeatable journey and indomitable spirit of Aziz Ali in the world of boxing, AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L continues to bring Toofaan into the world of innovative heart care.

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In an attempt to own the conversations being generated around Toofaan and build on the momentum around heart monitoring, the brand’s campaign aims to help users understand the three common conditions of the heart in an easy manner while seamlessly weaving how their product is the go-to option for anyone passionate about fitness and well-being.

Extending the campaign further, AliveCor collaborated with fitness influencers and others for mass reach and awareness, who spread out the message about virtual ECG solutions with KardiaMobile 6L – the US FDA-cleared, smartphone-enabled, 6L medical-grade device.

With a promise of an easier way to take care of your cardiac health, AliveCor seems to have found a common ground between Toofaan and its latest offering where the brand seamlessly integrates its product. Leveraging the brand connect, AliveCor makes efforts to nudge consumers towards healthy lifestyles with a heart ready to fight, urging individuals to not let anything come between their lives and the joyous victories.