Clubhouse launches direct messaging on app

Clubhouse direct messaging

Clubhouse Backchannel enables group and one-on-one chats, along with providing an optional second inbox for requests on direct messaging.

Messages from profiles a user is following will appear in the main tab, and messages from others can be accessed via the ‘Requests’ tab. The default setting of anyone being able to send you a message or request can be turned off by tapping the three dots at the top of the Backchannel. Here are few ways outlined by Clubhouse to use direct messaging:


Speakers or moderators can chat with the co-hosts to manage the flow of the conversation in real-time by deciding or changing the line-up in cases of last-minute discrepancies in availability.

Additionally, what questions to take, puling up speakers from the audience, and more of such backstage conversations and management can be held through text messages without disturbing the flow of the main conversation. Listeners can chat with their friends in the audience while they’re in a Room by tapping the airplane icon or swiping left to access the chat thread.


Q&A has been a popular segment of audio conversations, and often a larger number of questions and a huge audience have been a few factors that can often prolong the planned duration of the Room.

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Listeners can now submit questions via text even if they’re not on the stage, and hosts can decide who to call up on stage basis the questions received or ask them directly to the speakers. This streamlines a Q&A session without the hassle of managing the audience.

Plan Events

Planning an event is significant for a smooth flow of a live audio conversation. This includes pre-event and planning and real-time management during the event.

Coordination and collaboration between moderators, speakers, co-hosts, decisive selection of guests or speakers from the audience, and more of such logistical occurrences can be managed through Backchannel. Additionally, users can always use the feature to keep a conversation going after a Room ends, or thank someone for a relevant recommendation, or a payment.

How to use the Backchannel:

  • Tap on the airplane icon ✈️ on the bottom right of the app home screen or inside of rooms
  • View your messages
  • Create new private or group messages by tapping the pen and paper ? icon in the top right corner
  • Users can also send messages by tapping the airplane icon on a user’s profile
  • Note: This icon will only be visible if the user has messages turned on to everyone, or if they follow you


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