Clubhouse is now open and available for all users


After more than a year of its beta phase and country-specific global rollout, users no longer need an invite or sign-up for a waitlist to join the app, Clubhouse is now open for instant sign-ups and use.

Now out of its beta phase, the Clubhouse waitlist system has been removed, club links to Rooms are accessible by everyone ad can be crossposted, anyone can attend public events, and users of the app can bring their peers on the platform without sending out an invite, on iOS and Android.

With this milestone in expansion, the Clubhouse team has gone from only the co-founders to 8 people and now to 58. The number of daily rooms has grown from 50k to about half a million.

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Since the Android launch in mid-May 10 Mn users have been added to the community, and the platform has observed 90 Mn DMs being sent since the launch of Backchannel last week. The average listener now spends over an hour a day on Clubhouse, the co-founders add. The social audio app has also unveiled a new logo and website supporting its brand image.

The app has been going strong in India too. From Vikrant Massey discussing his stint in the Entertainment Industry from television to cinema, till Deepika Padukone crashing the servers with her debut appearance on the app for the launch of her audio festival ‘Care Package’, the flock of personalities on the app and the rising daily active users, and rooms are on the verge of being amplified with this update.