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The new bonus program for creators by Facebook will be dispensed through two segments, when the creators reach certain milestones by the use of creative and monetization tools; for seed funding that would assist creators to produce their content.

The creators on both Facebook and Instagram, the two mainline platforms owned by the network would be supported by the bonus programs and would be aided in tapping tools like Bulletin and Live Audio Rooms and monetization products such as Stars, and affiliate programs.

The bonus programs rely on a set of principles for the distribution of funds. Only eligible creators would qualify for receiving the bonuses. The primary parameters are described by Facebook as "reward creators who are creating original and high-quality content" and "support creators of all sizes across a wide range of verticals".

The social network would also provide "easy-to-understand requirements that creators can take action on", to allow the creators to work on areas of improvement to qualify for the bonuses. By default, creators in all bonus programs are obligated to comply with Facebook's Partner Monetization Policies.

Bonus programs are seasonal and a dedicated section for managing bonuses and checking availability will be launched in the coming months on Instagram first, followed by Facebook.

Here are a few Bonus Programs that would be available first.

In-Stream Bonus

Creators availing of in-stream ads on their video content will earn a bonus over the next four months.

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Stars Bonus

Video and gaming creators will receive a monthly bonus for hitting specific Stars milestones over the next three months. Stars is built-in live engagement in the form of badges and is a way for viewers to support creators through which they can earn money. Comments sent with Stars visually stand out and can be pinned inside the Live player where other viewers can see them.

For Instagram, the first set of bonuses will only be available by invitation.

IGTV Ads Bonus

Currently only available in the US, creators will earn a one-time bonus for signing up for IGTV ads.

Badges Bonus

Currently available in 11 countries, creators crossing certain milestones with Badges in Live will receive rewards.

Reels Summer Bonus

Planned to be launched only in the US first, creators can earn certain bonuses depending on how their Reels perform.

Facebook is planning to distribute an estimate of 1 Bn USD in total through these bonus programs. Creators can look out for the Bonus section in their apps to check eligibility as and when it is available in their region, or learn more in the Monetization Tools center.