Facebook Messenger rolls out Soundmojis & India-specific data on emojis

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Facebook Soundmojis

Facebook Messenger has launched its latest expression tool Soundmojis, emojis that replicate their visual representation in the audio form, along with a data report on the usage statistics of emojis, to commemorate this World Emoji Day.

Facebook Soundmojis

Soundmoji is an emoji that lets users send short sound clips in a Messenger chat, ranging from clapping ?, crickets ?, drumroll ?, and evil laughter ?, to audio clips from artists like Rebecca Black and TV shows and movies like F9, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Bridgerton.

How To Send Soundmojis:

  • Head to your Messenger app
  • Start a chat
  • Tap the smiley face to open the expressions menu
  • Select the loudspeaker icon
  • Preview and send the desired Soundmojis

Facebook has launched a Soundmoji library to choose from, which will be updated continually with new sound effects and sound bites. Each sound is represented by an emoji, keeping the visual emojis in play, while bringing sound into the mix.

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Statistics On Use Of Emojis

The top three most used emojis in India by age group:

Gen Z (18 - 24)

  • Heart emoji ❤️
  • Laughing emoji ?
  • Thanks or Prayer emoji ??

Millennials (25-44)

  • Thanks or Prayer emoji ??
  • Heart emoji ❤️
  • Cake or Birthday emoji ?

Gen X Boomers (45 - 65+)

  • Thanks or Prayer emoji ??
  • Heart emoji ❤️
  • Flower emoji ?

Growth of emojis related to COVID-19:

? Face with Medical Mask ⬇️, ? Microbe ⬇️, ? Syringe ⬆️

Top five most popular food and drinks emojis in India:

  • ? (Cake or Birthday emoji)
  • ? (Chocolate emoji)
  • ? (cake or pastry emoji)
  • ? (Candy emoji)
  • ? (Candy emoji)
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