Sale Promotion Strategy: Role of social media in the Myntra EORS 14 rollout

Myntra EORS social media strategy

This year, Myntra took the EORS a step ahead with a robust, star-studded social media strategy that had something in store for everyone.

Myntra is no stranger to grand sales — this year’s edition of End of Reason Sale being their 14th! A well-established IP, EORS has over the years helped them get millions of customers. On July 3, 2021, the first day of the sale, they facilitated the purchase of about 4 million products, their highest-ever opening day traffic. The e-commerce store was also able to make inroads into Tier 2-3 and beyond cities as more than half of their customers were making their first purchases from these geographies. We take a look at the extensive social media campaign strategy that made it possible for Myntra to run EORS in such a stride.

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Building Excitement

Gamification during the pre-sale period helped Myntra engage almost 2 million shoppers. This included several smaller social media contests where people could participate for a short duration and win prizes. This was in addition to the 1.6 million customers that chose to facilitate their marketing efforts with Shout & Earn invitations for additional sale offers. They also partnered with various social media influencers and celebrities, who created humorous and piece-to-camera content to create buzz for the sale.

The aspect of how a grand sale can trickle down to help with business continuity for small vendors was also highlighted prominently during the pre-buzz phase. Perks for Myntra Insiders were also announced. The creation of a wishlist was central to these activities.

Branded Support

Like all e-commerce brands, Myntra is big on promoting its partner brands, especially the ones that have celebrities attached to them. This strategy comes with a mutual benefit for both parties as well as the consumers. This year too, Myntra promoted some of their biggest brands to the hilt. Brand ambassadors of the said brands featured in EORS ads, nudging people to give it a shot. Interactions between Myntra and their partner brands could also be seen happening over social media.

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Influencers & Wishlists

Majorly run on Instagram, Myntra’s influencer marketing campaign revolved around wishlists and the idea of gifting and indulgence. In the first leg of the campaign, which was run before the sale went live, participating influencers listed out reasons for why one should wait till EORS to shop to their heart’s desire. In the next phase, influencers were roped in to showcase their purchases and share their joy.

Carts Full of Contests

To make things further interesting, Myntra took to Twitter to engage consumers in various contests, creating a Game Zone on the platform. They had to either answer a simple question or share a specific pandemic experience — their creativity resulting helping them clinch extra vouchers. These contests were run every evening, an hour apart, keeping people hooked on the brand’s schedule. It also gave Myntra the option to control and tweak the traffic on their website and the app.

Twitter Treasure Hunts

Given the massive scale at which Myntra has been trying to promote EORS, there were plenty of opportunities for consumers to spot their ads on different platforms. Myntra leveraged this by asking people to save and share these instances — to get even more vouchers. Another interesting thing done by them was to leave some Easter Eggs on their app and nudge consumers, via Twitter, to spot these during their scrolls and share the screenshots online.

Delivering Happiness

To close the loop, Myntra has been asking people to share pictures of their moments of receiving and enjoying the delivery of their bought goods. Even this aspect has been incentivised with vouchers. The type of content being encouraged includes unboxing videos as well as happy faces in case of gift parcels.

Myntra pretty much went down their usual path with the promotions of EORS 14. They incentivised each action being requested from consumers. Glitz and glamour were added with the help of brand, celebrity, and influencer content. They kept people hooked through the process and closed each loop, all the while appreciating and assisting people. Nudging people to spend more time on the app worked wonders in their favour as even this activity came with the possibility of winning a prize. They had also put in the efforts to strengthen their processes and it was evident in their operations. Although a tried & tested path, numbers do show it all came together beautifully for Myntra!