When Swiggy met Netflix & Haseen Dillruba, Twitter activity translated into app visits

Taking the Haseen Dillruba Kaunspiracy campaign a step further, Netflix and Swiggy made fans chase discounts in a Twitter activity.

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Netflix Swiggy Haseen Coupons

Taking the Haseen Dillruba Kaunspiracy campaign a step further, Netflix and Swiggy made fans chase discounts in a fastest-finger-first Twitter activity.

A few days ago, Netflix had released a video with the cast of CID, a popular crime show, to promote their new offering, Haseen Dillruba. They found an overlap in one of the characters that were common in the two and spun together a fictional zoom call. The response to this content was so good that Netflix took a step forward and collaborated with Swiggy to come up with discounts for the fans of Haseen Dillruba on Twitter. Here, the common link was food. Screenshots of moments where food items were key to a movie scene were shared with clues that people to decode to get a discount code for their Swiggy order. The activity was run under the hashtag #HaseenCoupon.

Creating Intrigue

A day before the activity, a tweet was put up to create intrigue among fans. It came with the date and time of when the coupons would be dropped. The campaign activity was thus launched. However, the task at hand was only revealed the next day when people were introduced to the screenshots that they would be provided with as clues.

To summarize, Swiggy would reveal special codes in the form of clues that would enable users to order food from the app for free.

Task At Hand

Throughout the activity, going to that moment in the film was vital to figuring out the code. The screenshot would mention the time stamp that people could use to hunt for the clue. They were thus nudged to go and stream the movie (again) if they wished to participate and win a coupon code. Details about what the discount coupon would unlock and how many people could have access to it were also shared in the tweets — further adding to the compelling nature of the activity.

Fastest Finger First

Every coupon code was claimed and used within minutes. It helped both Netflix and Swiggy to be a part of the activity as traction was created for both platforms. On the part of the consumers, it was an interesting gamified experience to a part of and be rewarded for it.

In the last year, OTT platforms have bloomed like never before in India. They have expanded their libraries and worked on creating experiences that would keep audiences hooked — much of which is happening on social media. This Twitter activity is definitely a step up as it involves consumers in the process on a much more conversational level rather than just having them on the receiving end of the content and expecting a response due to relatability.


One brilliant takeaway of the campaign was how Siwggy managed to tie its social media activity with app visits and conversions, driving one of the most important objectives for app-based businesses. Netflix too achieved the same, as consumers were compelled to stream the movie.

Further, Netflix invested their marketing budget directly in food, gratifying the consumers with a thing they absolutely love. It reminds of the initial Google Pay strategy where the hardcore cashback was the gratification that created powerful word of the mouth as the app handed its marketing budget directly to the consumer.

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