Pedigree advocates pet adoption in latest campaign with fantasy story-telling

Shivani Mishra
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Pedigree highlights the necessity of a caring owner for all the good dogs in shelters and adoption homes, along with the importance of the right nourishment required for them, in their new campaign conceptualized by BBDO New York.

Pedigree wants to undo the stigma attached to dog adoption and encourage people to rehome shelter dogs, outlining the premise of its latest campaign 'Shelters are full of good dogs. They just need good homes'.

The film is presented from the imagination of the young pet owner, who can't wrap his head around why someone would not have wanted the precious pet named 'Bandit '. Bandit's first owner was a brilliant astronomer. Together they searched the cosmos for signs of intelligent life until one night intelligent life finds them. However, when the dog tractor beam doesn't work, the ship takes off, leaving Bandit behind.

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More than half of the dogs are homeless worldwide. These are too many in numbers that need homes forever. BBDO New York uses a fantasy-based storyline to highlight this in the form of a narrative.

Dogs influence social, emotional, and cognitive development in children, promote an active lifestyle, provide companionship, and Pedigree aims to highlight the need of adopting dogs.

As a part of the Pedigree Adoption Mission initiative, the campaign's objective is to promote adoption over shopping. As shops breed them to be sold, and adoption shelters are filled with abandoned or rescued dogs that may need loving nourishment.

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