Understanding the top trends on Instagram in 2021

Ravish Jain on Instagram trends use

Ravish Jain, Country Head, PicsArt shares insights on the evolving Instagram trends and how brands and marketers can effectively use them to drive business.

Time and again, brands and marketers have leveraged the tools, trends, and features available on Instagram to connect with the consumers. Following these latest trends and tools provide brands with an opportunity to communicate the brand message with the audience in a great and impactful manner. With platforms being a hub for great video content, it’s easy for brands to now create content that resonates with the consumers.

Speaking about the latest trends on Instagram and its relevance for brands, Ravish Jain, Country Head, PicsArt shed some light on some of the top trends running on Instagram and how to effectively use them.

Top Instagram Trends & How To Use Them

Social causes to drive content

Creators are now taking over Instagram stories and post to tell about stories that are untouched by the mainstream media. This surely emerged as an effective way to tap on social causes that are left unheard.

Tapping on to Live content

We are now witnessing a surge in brands and marketers using live sessions to connect with consumers. This creates more opportunities for brands and marketers to get addressed in a crowd of thousands if not millions.

Growth in IGTV content consumption

IGTV video consumption is in regular demand on Instagram. Now, brands can make use of the IGTV content section to communicate well via videos. Apps such as PicsArt can take you a long way in this.

Instagram live shopping

With the setting up of Instagram live shopping on the platform, it’s now easy for brands and marketers to bring their products or services online on Instagram shops.

Instagram guides to make recommendations

A new global trend in the market is Instagram guides. They are a better way for brands and marketers to earn recommendations in the market.

Authenticity over everything else

Now, Instagram is a medium where Influencers and users take over the platform to talk about social issues and raise voices against them. It now develops a sense of trust and connection between the brands and the consumers

Trending Instagram posts

People look forward to sharing relatable and trendy posts on their Instagram handle. It’s all about keeping up with the times and sharing posts that resonate well with them and their peers.

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Carousel posts on Instagram

Now is the right time when users are resonating right with great storytelling posts. People had enough of mindless scrolling and moving towards great content via carousel posts on Instagram.

Instagram Reels

With greater visibility and easier short content, users look forward to consuming content directly from reels that is again a great way for brands and marketers to connect with their consumers directly.

Branded AR filters and graphic trends

There are personalized AR filters and graphics on Instagram for stories that make it an effective medium to communicate.

Ravish Jain shared these trends on the virtual stage on Day 2 of Social Samosa’s marque property SM Live