Twitter shares an update on the relaunched verification program

Paawan Sunam
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As the volume of application submissions increases for the relaunched verification (blue-tick) program and feedback asking for clarity floods in, Twitter shares a new update on application rejection.

More clarity on why an application is rejected was the common feedback received on the verification program by Twitter, and the platform mentions that now decision emails will provide context on criteria and why certain applications were not approved.

Additionally, the platform has also provided that applicants need to keep in mind before reapplying for verification after 30 days:


Links to a website provided to prove authenticity must be related to a verified organization, along with containing a reference to the applicant's name and Twitter account.

Follower Count

The company, brand, or organization's (applicants) applying as an activist or influential individual follower count must be in the top .05% of the active accounts located in the same geographic region.

For Journalists

Their Twitter profile must reference the news organization they're affiliated with and link to the official website. The new organization is required to be notable and verified.

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While launching the revised application process with the initiation of the program, Twitter had also introduced some new guidelines for verified accounts to boost healthy conversations for the progress of the community overall. Verified accounts that repeatedly violate the Twitter Rules could be at the risk of the blue badge being removed, which they have already started automatically removing the verified badge from accounts that no longer meet the updated criteria for verification.

The types of Notable Accounts eligible for verification:

  • Government
  • Companies, Brands, and Non- Profit Organizations
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Sports Activists, Organizers, and Other Influential Individuals

Users on Twitter will start to see the new verification application in the Account Settings tab directly in the app in the next few weeks. In India, the application will also be available in vernacular languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Kannada.

After receiving an application, Twitter will respond with an email within a month, either confirming verification or informing if the application didn’t meet the new verification criteria. Once an application is approved, the blue badge will automatically appear on a verified profile. People can reapply for verification after 30 days from receiving Twitter’s decision to their initial application

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