YouTube Experiments: Channel Guidelines & Policy Timestamps

Paawan Sunam
Jul 06, 2021 14:24 IST
New Update
YouTube experiments

YouTube has launched a couple of experiments in the testing phase for a small set of creators, which includes setting up guidlines for interactions on their channel's uploads, and contextual information while notifying creators about policy violations.

Both experiments were announced through the Creator Insider channel by YouTube, and are only available to a select group of creators.

Channel Guidelines

The platform has launched this experiment with a small number of creators, which enables them to define three channel guidelines for comments, which users would have to read and accept before posting a comment on each upload by that channel.

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The guidelines can set to direct on-topic conversations, maintain relevancy to the upload or limit hate speech or use of slang or derogatory terms, and more. Creators can check if they are a part of the test and participates in this experiment by heading to YouTube Studio, going to Settings, and then clicking on Community.

Policy Timestamps

As a part of this experiment, in the emails sent to a creator notifying them about a policy or community guidelines violation, YouTube will now include specific timestamps where the platform believes a violation has occurred.

The policy emails will include that link to the timestamps and specific details relating to the articles and Help Center articles that give more context. This experiment is subjected to subset policies, feedback, and results of this experiment, and stamped portions of the video will only show violations of community guidelines, and not advertiser-friendly guidelines, as of now.

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