YouTube Updates: Shorts Tools, Stories Metrics & more

YouTube updates

YouTube has announced several updates for creators, the most significant of them being the functionality to create Shorts now being available globally.

The availability of these updates by YouTube differ on the timeline and has been outlined below individually.

Shorts Tools

Shorts creation tools have now been launched globally and anyone with access to the YouTube app should have the tools available to them in the coming weeks.

Multi-segment camera, access to the audio library, and the functionality to sample audio from other videos or Shorts on the platform, and more of such tools would be available to creators around the world.

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For the unacquainted, Shorts is a strive by the platform to encourage and support short-form content on YouTube. The short-form video tools can be used by creators and artists who want to shoot and share videos using their mobile phones.

Additionally, YouTube is running an experiment for the YouTube main app, which enables creators to access analytics for Shorts and check metrics such as views, likes, comments, shares, audience retention, traffic source types, and more.

Stories Metrics Card

YouTube has launched this overview card in Analytics on the desktop for creators to enable them to gauge the performance of their Stories and how it impacts their channel. The card displays Likes, Comments, Views, Subscribers gained, for active Stories.

Furthermore, Channel Permissions that were only available on desktop previously have now been launched on mobile; automatic video chapters that categorizes a video into parts (through machine learning) with the ability to skip to the desired parts via timestamps, is now widely available; and lastly, YouTube Studio will have dark mode available in the coming weeks.