Agency Feature: Digital Kong

Digital Kong

Who are we?

Digital Kong provides a 360-degree approach to marketing. The team’s expertise ranges from hospitality, e-commerce, consumer tech, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle. We are a team of young professionals backed with technology and have our eyes on the latest social trends & business practices.

What we do?

Digital Kong believes in crafting solutions for everything digital. Our services span across all spheres of the digital ecosystem.

  • Digital marketing and strategy
  • Social media management
  • Performance marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Catalog and creative product shoot
  • Brand Consulting
  • Marketing Graphics
  • Website management
  • Email marketing
  • PR and influencer marketing

Why we do it?

Our expertise lies in different sectors and we integrate them with our collective drive to work on empowering brands digitally. Each team member comes with an entrepreneurial mindset for their own verticals. Our secondary purpose includes empowering small businesses by helping them to integrate their offline business with the online ecosystem.

Our agility and focus have driven us to learn and experiment extensively throughout the past year and be inclusive in all that we practice.

How we evolve?

What started as a one-on-one service to a brand quickly evolved to a team of 12 which catered to 100% of the brands’ digital requirements in one year (From social media marketing and performance marketing to Public relations and catalog shoot). We believe adding at least 3 more completely different services in one year happened because we keep ‘evolution ‘ at the core of our system. Standing true to our purpose to offer integrated marketing solutions – we move with the time and adopt new channels and digital-led strategies each day.

Social responsibility in social media

Having a voice on social media comes with the important responsibility to use our voice and the medium ethically. Our responsibility, as Digital Kong, is not limited to marketing a brand. We create value with the content we put out – information that is verifiable and unbiased in this day and age of clickbait marketing.

Need of the hour

Staying authentic and creative in the digital space has never been so important, with screen times shooting up across the world in the past year. We believe in creating effective, authentic, and responsible content on social media to stand out of the clutter.

With respect to technology, smart bidding is a brimming practice in digital marketing, which if adopted and assessed well for a business, can lead to great ROI. Additionally, we are also in a time where the world is catching up to the power of Artificial Intelligence as it is empowering businesses with effective solutions and is so easy to access.

2021 offers huge promise with the use of AI to become a part of our daily routine as the industry works toward gaining a better understanding of social platform algorithms, smart bidding, customer behavior, and marketing strategies, all driven by AI.

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We learned the hard way

A few things we’ve learned in this journey:

1. At the very beginning, one master skillset needs to be the pillar of strength for the business, even when everything else fails

2. Being consistent is key, and will eventually pay off – sometimes sooner than expected

3. A brand is the founder’s baby and thus, they take their own time in trusting us with the brand’s reputation. We have to respect that

4. With great power, comes greater responsibility

Did we just share that?

Since social never stop – let’s just say if there’s a moment, there is a post (even on Sundays) BUT… more often than not post approvals go on for eons and the moment passes by.

They work with us


Iconic India

Lakshita Fashions

Kosh Wellness

Blue Giraffe

Mustang Home Decor and more

Industry as we foresee

We see a lot of promise, as brands today are investing more time and budget on digital ways to reach consumers and integrate offline with an online business. With access to colossal amounts of data, AI will lead analysis and strategy ahead.

Secondly, we love a good, entertaining conversation, and believe collaborations between brands will continue to stick in the minds of consumers.

A day without Internet


But, who doesn’t love a break from the screen? We’ll unwind and come up with bigger, promising ideas for the comeback!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Kong family is growing bigger and we are thrilled to meet mighty minds out there. We are looking to hire a Key Account Manager and a Graphic Designer.