Agency Feature – 8 Bit Media

8 BIt Meida

Who are we?

We are a full-service interactive media agency based in Mumbai, with a tight-knit team of 30+ talented and motivated professionals. We don’t fit in any definitive adjective meant to describe an agency but we sure are creative, instinctual and analytical, and are pretty good at that too.

What’s in the name?

We considered names right from ancient mythologies to pop culture. In the end we decided to go to the roots of advertising; 8 Bit, the first pixel that gave birth to digital advertising.

Just like digital advertising, we also have evolved over the years with every client and campaign.

What we do?

360-degree digital advertising. It’s a cliché, but we do offer services ranging from branding, strategy and media to digital innovations like AR and VR. In fact, we don’t restrict ourselves to anything; we are up for anything and everything.

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Why we do it?

Well, we only have one life and we decided to live it by doing what we are best at.

How we evolve?

With the industry evolving each and every second, we have to be on our toes every moment. With every project, we try to do what no one has ever done before. In this industry, one cannot confirm that they know enough.

Social responsibility in social media

Due to social media, every brand has become personalities. Just like celebrities, people look up to the brands. Hence, we ensure that our clients communication exudes only positive vibes. Our mantra is ‘even if we can’t impress anyone, we will never offend anyone’.

Need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. Things we consider that need to be taken care of from our experience.

The good thing about social media is that anyone can express anything, and that is the bad thing as well. But, if we introduce censorship, it will affect the freedom of speech. It’s a catch-22 situation and we hope the authorities take proper laws to resolve it efficiently.

We learned the hard way

These are the few lessons we have learnt through our journey.

  • No client/project is too small.
  • A brilliant idea can always beat big budgets.
  • Ideas can strike at any moment.
  • No one can inspire you more than your team.
  • Finally, there are no impossible deadlines if we give our best.

Did we just share that?

One time we shared the same idea to two of our clients by mistake and both liked it extremely well. We then had to convince one of them that our idea was not good and make them choose another.

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They work with us

Over the course of years, we had the privilege to work with some of the biggest Indian and international clients. Here are a few of them.

– Knight Riders

– Mpower Minds

– Project Nanhi Kali

– Gadgil Developers

– Shiv Sagar

Industry as we foresee

Indian Social Media industry has rapidly evolved over the last few years. Today, with right planning and execution, a local brand can create more impact than an international brand. So, the possibilities are endless for any brand.

A day without Internet

Fortunately, it hasn’t happened yet. If it happens, we may just pack our bags and go for an impromptu picnic!