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Aug 13, 2021 03:18 IST
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Noesis.Tech agency

How do we define Noesis.Tech? 

Noesis.Tech is a technology products and services agency, founded by Siddharth Bhansali in 2010. In 2020, the agency became a part of the Zoo Media Network.

In a little over a decade, Noesis.Tech has grown from a 2 member team serving 3 clients to a 30 person technically skilled team servicing over 50 clients, from across industries like FMCG, BFSI, and automotive to name a few. They aim to enhance their personalized approach to building custom technology solutions for clients.

What's in the name? 

Noesis’ is a word of Greek origin, that means the process of reasoning and learning assimilated. The word Noesis resonated with us as we aim to simplify the complex world of technology for companies across the globe. 

What do we do?

The solutions developed by Noesis.Tech uses the latest, open-source, and proprietary market-friendly technologies with a team of subject matter experts spanning various industry domains.

The gamut of services encompass UI/UX designing, copywriting and copy editing, Web and Application Development, Infrastructure Management and Dev Ops, Graphics and Content, Process Automation, Technology Consulting (virtual CTO), and Proof of Concept development

Why do we do it?

We believe every company, be it a startup or MNC, should have access to the latest technology so a business can thrive and have a competitive edge. In addition to scaling businesses and their revenues, we want to help them understand their stakeholders better. We believe in democratizing technological growth. We want to make technology an equalizer in a business context. 

How do we evolve? 

We are one of the few agencies in the country to use technology tools to solve a variety of business problems. This ranges from using Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce to building first-party data platforms to create digital twins. Our team is constantly learning new technologies and frameworks and incorporating them to solve problems that we have never solved before. 

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The need of the hour 

Strict policies- Every app and e-commerce platform provider should be accountable for ensuring that the data collected from its consumers is impenetrable. Users have the right to take legal action if there is a data breach. 

Citizen-first approach- Similar to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), India needs stricter laws to protect its citizens from a data breaches by apps and e-commerce platforms. 

We learned the hard way

Putting the business before the tech: When taking up a new project clients very often end up defining their requirements as solutions. In doing so, they and our teams lose sight of the business outcomes. By putting the business first, we focus on understanding the desired impact the client is trying to make and use that as a starting point to create our innovative solutions. Thus, we want to make sure we understand the 'why' before getting into the 'how'

Phased learning: In continuation to the above point, we also learned that when building a new product/platform or website there are a lot of assumptions being made about the business, about the users, and about their needs. It is therefore important to phase the development lifecycle to build those parts that enable validation of the most important assumptions and use the learnings from the validation to continue designing and developing the rest of the product. 

Did we just share that?

We had developed a website for an online movie review platform that had published a rather unpleasant review for a film starring Shah Rukh Khan. This review stirred the fans which led to a series of hate messages on the platform. Our team had to spring into major damage control a little after midnight! We learned that night that Shah Rukh Khan fans are truly loyal. 

They work with us

Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Nykaa, Kay Beauty, Sharekhan, Netflix, Manyavar, Mid-day, Colgate, Colgate Vedshakti, Truenorth, Principal Mutual Funds, Bongo Mobile Application, Tata Q, to name a few.

A Day without the Internet 

A day without the internet would surely be peaceful, introspective, and conducive to soul searching. 

Lastly, are you hiring?


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