Brand Saga: Cadbury Celebrations - A tale of ‘mithaas-ful’ ads & everlasting bonds

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Cadbury celebrations advertising journey

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner with the festivity prep on in full swing. All eyes are on Cadbury Celebrations boxes, as we revisit the brand's advertising journey to dig up some golden moments from the past.

'Ghuli Re Ghuli Re, Shararat Ghuli Re’, while this song rhymed in the background, a sister and brother duo enjoyed their Cadbury Celebrations chocolates. This commercial was rolled out in 2012 and aptly captured the joy that a box full of chocolates brings – it also conveyed the precious sibling bond. We take a look at the Cadbury Celebrations advertising journey of building everlasting bonds with campaigns that thrived on emotions.

Cadbury Celebrations Advertising Journey

Each year, around Rakhi, the chocolate company tries to create a stronger impression not only through the sole act of introducing a new range of chocolates or new packaging designs but also (rather primarily) through the marketing messages it relays. 

Chocolates being both universally liked and accepted were the ultimate choice to replace traditional sweets in the market and the company leveraged this shift to its core. In 2012 itself, Cadbury banked on this very insight and based on the theme ‘Tell your sister she is special’ launched a 360-degree interactive campaign.

The campaign was conceptualized and executed by Contract Advertising at the time and leveraged social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to make the bond stronger and give it youthful vibes. 

In 2013, after launching its all-new Cadbury Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection in the market, Cadbury also rolled out a TVC to promote the product with the ‘Made with  Love’ campaign – setting the proposition for a perfect gift.

Adding a twist to its earlier communication, the campaign was executed by Chimp&Z inc. This time Cadbury Celebrations gave brothers an opportunity to make the messages they send to their sisters unforgettable by turning them into songs crooned by India’s leading brands like Spud in the box, Something Relevant, and The Siddharth Basrur Project.  

In the later year, it introduced us to the adorable Nikhil Jain who is busy writing wishes for his Seema didi when the postman arrives at his hostel. In much excitement, he runs off to get a rakhi like every year in that brown envelope stamped by his sister’s love. Only to his disappointment, he finds no letter addressing him.

In 2015, the cute and fun banter between siblings hit our screens yet again where the conversation was shifted from ‘Raksha’ to ‘Bandhan’. It was about care, sacrifice, protection, and cherishing the ever-lasting bond.

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In 2018 new packs of Cadbury Celebrations and Cadbury Gifting Portfolio made the festive season even sweeter along with a heart-warming TVC highlighting the brother-sister bond.

The same year saw Cadbury lighting up the village that lights up our Diwali and gave it a lifetime of surprise by installing solar panels in there. Yet another feat in storytelling.

In 2020, with the focus on spreading happiness and banking on the proposition of ‘Kuch Achha Ho Jaaye, KuchMeetha Ho Jaaye’, the campaign titled #CloserThisRakhi aimed to drive positivity and remind people to bond with their loved ones and cherish every sweet moment possible.

From celebrating Eid to Ganesh Chaturthi to Diwali and Raksha Bandhan, Cadbury Celebrations has been a major part of our lives through its impeccable advertising journey and also its constant companionship that we always looked for. The brand later designed a truly unique real-time data experience in a Cadbury ad where it advertised not just for itself but also for thousands of small businesses across India.

The social media pages of Cadbury Celebrations show qual enthusiasm towards festivities with colorful and happy images and creativity floating across the feeds. The brand's essence and purpose are aptly reflected by its presence on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

A feeling of warmth, affection, and belonging - the Cadbury Celebrations advertising journey imbibes it all.

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