Clubhouse launches new functions for Clubs in beta

Clubhouse Clubs

As the invite and waitlist process for sign-ups has now been discarded and Clubhouse is open for all, the platform is making a few alterations to how Clubs function and to make it easier for both new and experienced admins.

The changes to Clubs have been rolled out in beta, so users can preview them and Clubhouse can understand how the changes are received through feedback and if they would be undoing something important. Newly added Clubs would have these features by default, and existing clubs would get the features eventually but may need to choose to transition to the newer development.


The club ‘Followers’ terminology has been discarded, going forward ‘Membership’ will be the only relationship one can have with a club. Admins can choose to keep the membership ‘Open’ for all users or ‘By approval’, wherein admins are required to approve each individual request.

This would differentiate private and public communities and admins who want to keep the Club thoroughly private can also hide the ‘Apply to join’ button, to keep the membership invite-only.

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Clubs that presently do not allow followers would remain unchanged except for the ‘Apply to join’ button that users can tap to join a club. Present-day Club followers will transform to Members, and new followers will join as members. Clubs that allow followers to start rooms, will be asked to confirm whether they still want all members to be able to start rooms.


Leaders are the latest addition to the current roles of Admins, Speakers, Moderators, Listeners. Leaders will have the ability to start rooms and schedule events. The abilities are only limited to this function, they would not be able to edit club settings and the club name, or add/remove members.

The abilities of the current managerial roles are: