OkCupid campaign offers inclusivity with eccentric visuals

Paawan Sunam
New Update
OkCupid campaign

Inclusivity may be a luxury in the real world, but in the virtual one there could be someone for everyone, building on this notion OkCupid has launched a multimedia campaign highlighting that the dating app is for 'Every Single Person'.

In collaboration with the advertising agency Mekanism and artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, OkCupid shaped up the global marketing campaign with a single baseline that opens up an all-embracing concept, supported with vivid visuals bringing out each identity's eccentricity.

The cotton candy color palette accentuated with over-the-top depictions and striking photographic visuals make each creative eye-catching and illustrate the objective of the campaign and the proposition by the brand, offering inclusivity.

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Along with its digital leg in the run, the campaign will be placed on OOH billboards in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, with a global rollout in the pipeline for several international markets, the campaign is slated, to begin with, Europe this year.

The single individuals responsible for 4 Mn matches and 100,000 conversations on OkCupid every day this summer, also have a variety of inclusive-minded features and labels to choose from to portray what they really identify with.

It may not just be one's gender or sexual orientation but it could be a trait that is a part of one's personality that one holds dearly to. The world is filled with stereotypical labels that are slapped on unconventional identities, but the world is also filled with labels the society does not understand "as they don't fit in".

This is why the 17 images that explore distinct identities in the campaign, are also bolstered with 60 new identity tags that OkCupid expanded with the launch of this campaign.