Opinion: Digital marketing tips, the ‘Emily In Paris’ way…

Marina Chatterjee Emily in Paris social media marketing
Image Source: Netflix

Marina Chatterjee from Great Learning lists some valuable social media marketing tips from Netflix’s ‘Emily In Paris’ – a show largely based on the role of social marketing in brand building.

With the increase in Internet penetration and COVID-19 outbreak, India has witnessed one of the highest adoptions of digital solutions – whether it is for communication, social media consumption, or online learning. According to a report by Dentsu, digital media will grow at 20% to reach a market size of INR 18,938 crore by 2021 and with a CAGR of 22.47% to reach INR 23,673 crore by 2022.  With this significant shift in consumer behavior towards online consumption, brands are finding ways to target them through various formats of digital ads and marketing strategies.

‘Emily in Paris’ premiered on Netflix in October 2020 immediately sent the Internet into a frenzy with the show’s titular character, Emily’s digital marketing game. She nails digital marketing, one campaign at a time, and inspires the audience to think ingeniously.

Here are some great social media marketing tips that professionals can learn from the show and incorporate the tactics while building effective digital marketing strategies for their brands.

Keeping Social Media Personal & Authentic

From the moment Emily Cooper arrives in Paris, she starts sharing snippets of her new life with her Instagram community. Within a few days, her Instagram follower count jumps from two-digit numbers to 10K. The secret sauce to this overnight success is the personal touch.

Digital channels, and social media, in particular, align well with branding and nothing sells better than the personal brand. Emily’s followers get a sneak peek into her journey as a young adult in a new country.

The key here is to offer an authentic personal insight that is relatable, which in turn makes it universal.

Her audience enjoyed Paris vicariously through her social media posts where she captures her experience as an outsider in the city. It is the goof-ups and the happy accidents that get her social engagement and reach rising. Painting a clinical picture won’t do anything for your social media except for alienating your audience. In short, keep it personal, keep it real.

Content Is Queen

Emily in Paris is a clear example of how far one can go with the right content strategy. Whether it’s a blog, social media channels, or even the website, the content reflects one’s brand personality. With these pointers in mind, craft a voice that’s unique to the brand.

Find a sweet spot between the user intent and the brand’s offerings and then align the content accordingly to achieve success.

Content has the potential to sell your brand, create brand recall and generate a great user experience. One should make sure to optimize the content to suit the brand agenda.

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Building Exclusivity Through Real-Time Engagement

There’s no denying that exclusivity has its own allure. If your brand’s audience has an insight into exclusive behind the scenes, they are more likely to get hooked. In the show, Emily is shown sharing photos from one of the perfume campaign’s shoots with her Instagram community. The breaking down of the campaign and letting the audience become a part of the process works out well for social media. This, in fact, is a very clever strategy to make the audience feel more included in the brand’s journey.

Though intended for building inclusivity, this content covering the brand events is actually exclusive only to the followers, and further making others want to become a part of it.

Regular Conversations With Audience

Gone are the days of broadcast, where a one-way channel was enough to get your message across. In today’s digital environment, brands have to build two-way channels to make dialogues happen.

While researching and marketing some of the luxury products, Emily frequently challenges age-old notions around gender. She shares her opinions on social media channels, encouraging the audience to start a conversation around the product. This thought-provoking content not only benefits the brand’s social channels but also creates a buzz around the product. It is no longer enough to merely state facts about the products, it is also crucial to give your user a voice and let them become a part of the production.

Emily sure has done a fabulous job, taking the opportunity of working the french wing of her company and turning that into professional success. Most importantly, what shines through is her passion for her work.

Digital Marketing, as a field, continues to evolve with time. With the rapid pace at which technology is changing, digital marketers need to keep themselves abreast with the latest tools and techniques in the field. A rewarding career in digital marketing is one that combines passion, theoretical knowledge, an industry network, and innovation with research.

This article piece is authored by Marina Chatterjee, Assistant Content Manager, Great Learning.