Police Forces mark International Dog Day with creatives cherishing K9s

Police dog creatives

Our furry friends are more than just our companions, they are also a significant part of police forces that help keep the society safe and sound, and they are being honored with creatives characterizing International Dog day.

Finding crime scene evidence, searching for drugs and explosives, protecting the police forces from attackers, locating missing people, and many more of such activities are assisted by the K9 squad, and this International Dog Day they are honored for their contribution with appreciative creatives.

Dogs have been used in law enforcement ventures since earlier than urbanization, but with the growing lawlessness, the canines have been more than just useful to combat crime.

In India alone, apart from the state or city-specific K9 units, dogs are also an integral part of the Border Security Force, and Central Reserve Police Force, and guard security. The bomb-sniffing squad has often saved lives from acts of terror.

Remarking the endless contribution to keeping society safer than it would have been, police forces from around the country and the world, express the joy of International Dog Day with creatives.

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Victoria Police

Mumbai Police

Pune Police

West Midlands Police Museum

Hong Kong Police Force

Scottish Police Dog Memorial

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