Snapchat introduces Campaign Lab in Ads Manager

Paawan Sunam
Aug 02, 2021 04:33 IST
New Update
Snapchat Campaign Lab

To aid brands and advertisers in running scientific experiments on their campaigns with a self-serve method, acquire results on the best-performing formats or customizations, and gain insights for formulating an effective campaign strategy, Snapchat has launched Campaign Lab.

Campaign Lab can be accessed via the navigation bar on Snapchat Ads Manager, by selecting the 'Manage Ads' option, the tool can be found located in the 'Analyze' tab.

Advertisers can set up these scientific experiments or campaign tests within Ads Manager with set actions, insights, and learning agendas that streamline the process from the starting point of a test to identifying signals of performance, and gaining insights and acting on them.

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Creative, Audience, Placement, and Goal, are the different Split Tests available within the Advanced Create flow in the Experiments tab of Campaign Lab. These tests can be used by advertisers based on the insights they desire to garner, whether it's creative strategies, audience targeting, placement of the ad, or the goal intended to being achieved.

'Learning Center' and 'Recommendations' will provide targeted ideas for the next campaigns to be initiated. Each Split Test can be tracked and analyzed. The Results section of the lab will display results for scheduled, ongoing, and previously run tests.

Campaign Lab also directly links to the Advanced Create flow to facilitate campaign creation, for the tests that show promising performance.